List of the Major Markets in Aba


Aba is a major commercial area in Igboland as well as Southeast zone. It has high-density of commercial activities, and there are so many markets in the city. In this post, we’ll be looking at the list of the major markets in Aba.

These markets are of different kinds and types, and located in different areas in Aba. In this post, we’ll be taking you through some of these major markets.

List of the Major Markets in Aba


1. Ariaria International Market


This market is located near the Aba-Port Harcourt expressway. Ariaria International Market is a big market with over 100,000 shops. It is made up of various markets, including the Ehilegbu Industrial Market, the Ochendu Shoe Plaza, the Aba North Industrial Market, and other zonal units. You can find almost anything to buy in this market.

2. Ekeoha Market


This market is near to Aba Town Hall. The market is known for selling clothing materials, including lace, suits, cultural materials, and others. They also sell electronics.

3. Alaoji Motor Spare Parts Market


Alaoji Motor Spare Parts Market is also located along Aba-Port Harcourt road. This market is dedicated to selling all kinds of motor parts, accessories, and spare parts. There are also good mechanics here.

4. Cemetery Road/Eziukwu Market


This market is located at Eziukwu Village. It is a major depot for stockfish. It also offers a wide range of cosmetics, provisions, accessories, drugs, beverages, and kitchen utensils.

5. Ngwa Road Market:”Ahia Ohu”


Ngwa Road Market is famous for fabrics, fashion, shoes, bags, and food items. In this market you can find foreign-made products as well as you can find locally-made products.

6. Uratta Timber and Building Materials Market


Uratta Timber Market also known as Uratta Integrated Building Materials Market is strategically located along the Aba – Port Harcourt expressway, close to the Uratta Road junction. At Uratta Timber Market you can buy all your building and construction needs – new or fairly used. You can also get to the market for your timber needs. Both imported and local materials are available to satisfy your quality and quantity needs.

7. Orie Ohabiam Electronics Market


This market is also along the Aba-Port Harcourt road, offers various electronics, electronics parts, electricals, and electrical appliances.

8. Waterside Cattle Market


This is one of the oldest markets in Eastern Nigeria. The Waterside Market sells cattle, goats, and pigs in large quantities. The market meets the need of wholesalers, retailers, and consumers of meat.

9. Ehere Modern Market (Ogbor Hill)


This is one of the newest markets in Aba, where you can buy virtually anything ranging from electronics to textiles to food items, and the prices are affordable. Business moves here as well.

10. Nsulu Market


Located opposite the School of Health, Nsulu Market is known for its high quantity of live goats but also offers textiles.



This is it on list of the major markets in Aba. You can choose to go to some of these markets to buy, or to get space/shop and sell your wares. Some of them are specialized market, while some are general markets where you can buy any products.

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