How to Start a Small Profitable Ugu Farm with 100K in Nigeria


Owning an ugu farm is a good way to put your money to goof use, and in that way, you make a great amount for yourself. A lot of people don’t know that ugu farming is profitable. They tend to think that since it’s vegetable, it is worthless. In this post, we’ll be looking at how to start a small profitable ugu farm with 100K in Nigeria.

In this post, the guides and tips would be numbered in a progressive pattern for easy read.

How to Start a Small Profitable Ugu Farm with 100K in Nigeria

1. The first step, just like we’ll always advise on our posts, is to learn the process of the farm. You should go meet someone who has been running a successful ugu farm for years and learn from him or her.

2. After learning, you would have to lease a one plot of land in an area with fertile land. You can be given for free or charges. However, you shouldn’t pay more than 5K as lease for one plot of land for ugu farming.

3. While leasing the land, you should consider getting land in a place that has access road, close to a water source, secure, close to a booming market to sell your vegetable, and close to an urban area as well.

4. The first thing you should do in preparation of the land is clearing the land. Then, you till or you pay laborers to till the land for ugu farming. Tilling of the land shouldn’t be more than 15K.

You should know that for you to cut cost in production, you will only use labor for tilling. You can clear the land yourself. You will also weed the farm yourself. In addition, you will apply manure, and harvest the crops yourself.

5. For the manure, 4 big bags of chicken manure should be enough for your manuring throughout the course of the farm. It should cost 30K. You don’t have to buy it all at once. Manure is applied at different stages.

You spread a bag after tilling over the spaces you want to plant. Then, you leave it for one week before planting. You buy the dried seeds that can germinate from the market. Ensure you buy the ones that are productive and can have good leaves. You plant.

The other times you apply manure is like 4 weeks after planting. This time around, you apply manure at the bases of the germinated ugu plant. For the planting, more than 500 ugu plants can grow on a plot of land.

The other time you apply manure is about 10 to 12 weeks later after you must have harvested the ugu a couple of times.

6. Ugu is so good that you can keep harvesting for more than 3 months. It is when some of them begins to bear fruits in pods and have wrinkled leaves that you kill the ugu and stop harvesting. During this period, before the ugu dies, you can make over 200K from your farm.

7. You should know that after some weeks, like 6 weeks perhaps, you would create an elevated platform with sticks and branches, where your ugu can climb. Ugu does better when there is a platform they can climb.

8. You should keep aside 15K for pesticides and fungicides. You should spray it on your farm twice or more. 2 weeks after planting, and some weeks after that. You should buy the ones compatible with ugu.

9. To maximize profit, you should meet the ugu sellers in the markets around you before starting out. It makes it easier for you. By this way, once the ugu is getting ready, you are harvesting it and taking it to them.

You should also have your stall where you sell directly to the buyers and consumers.

10. It is dry season that you make better amount of money from this type of farm. Thus, you should always water regularly during this period. Since it is dry season, you have to keep around 15K for the irrigation and watering.

During dry season, you can make extra #70,000 or more in sales.

11. Ugu is a popular vegetable in Nigeria. It is more popular among southeasterners. You are assured of sales anywhere you do the business in the south. It will also move if you do it in large urban areas in the North, and it can be very profitable.


This post has done justice to how to start a small profitable ugu farm with 100K in Nigeria. It is one of the businesses you can start with low budget and make good money for yourself. This business is a business you should try.

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