Best Places to Live in Kaduna

Kaduna is one of the most modern cities in Nigeria. It is one of the most populated cities in the country. It was formerly the capital of Northern Nigeria. Today, it has continued to attract lots of residents to itself. In this post, we’ll be examining the best places to live in Kaduna.

Best Places to Live in Kaduna

Kaduna is a large city divided into North and south sections. The north section is occupied by mainly Muslims, and it is the more commercial or successful section. The south section is occupied by mainly Christians. If you want a more commercial and productive area, the North section is better, but while doing this, you should go to the less violent areas.

Life in Kaduna is relatively cheaper than in other areas in Nigeria. The cost of living in these best places that we’re about to mention is relatively the same. Thus, we’ll list the cost of living here like rent price before going to the main list of best areas to live in Kaduna.

For these areas about to be mentioned, you should hold around 450,000 naira to 800,000 naira to rent a full flat in this city. For a self-contained room, you should keep a budget of 150,000 naira to 250,000 naira depending on the location and newness of the house. In addition, 200,000 naira to 300,000 naira should be enough for a room and parlor self-contained.

In addition, food is cheap in this city. The water and light bills are cheap. Now, let us go to these best areas to stay in this wonderful city.

1. Malali

This area has one of the best public infrastructure and social amenities in Kaduna. It is also located in a good location. It is commercially viable, too, on case you want to start a business. To rent an apartment or business place here, you should hold the budget we wrote down earlier.

2. Ungwan Rimi

This is one of the sweetest or most comfortable areas to stay in Kaduna. You will find all that you need to make you comfortable if you stay here. It is an area you won’t regret staying in. Hold the same budget mentioned.

3. Sokoto Road

This is a central location. It is quite safe from violence. You’ll find the needed social amenities here to make your life good.

4. Ungwan Sarki

This place is more of a middle-class area. It is well-planned, and well-arranged. Staying in this area is a good thought you should consider. It is safe from violence and uprising.

5. Costain

This is the last area on our list. Here, you would find on the modern infrastructure and social amenities. Just like the name is, it is a place fashioned in the modern times. The location is also good.

Most of the places in Kaduna mentioned here are in the North section of the city; you don’t have to be scared as a Christian as they are very safe. It is usually the poor areas that violence is meted. In these areas mentioned, you won’t face the same.


These are the best places to live in Kaduna. If you are thinking of moving to Kaduna, you should consider all these places and areas when you have the money. It won’t be a bad choice to make.

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