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How to Report a Loan App to Federal Government

How to report a loan app to Federal Government is an easy process. It is a process you can follow to get justice for the harrassment or fraud of the many not formally registered apps. If you have any issue with the loan apps, especially as pertaining bitter harrassment and threat to your peace, you can report them to the Federal Government.

How do you do this? It is an easy process that won’t cost you much time. It is also better to do it regardless of the hard procedure you think you might pass. Reporting is the best way of how to make loan apps stop threatening you.

You just have to do it to get these loan apps off your back. Nevertheless, we encourage you to repay your loans as at when due, and with the accumulated interest. The bank account you registered it with, leave the required money there, and let the loan app withdraw their money.
In the next section is the list of cases where you report a loan app.

Cases where you can Report a Loan App to Federal Government

Bitter and Threatening Harrassment (in cases where the harrassment is so bitter they claim you are dead or have an accident, it is best you report)

You didn’t obtain loan and they harrass you

You repay your loan, and they keep harrasing you

They deduct higher than the loan amount and interest

They involve your family members and friends, and it wasn’t in there terms and agreement

They malign you

Their interest rate is too high. You can report them as “loan sharks” even before applying for their loans.

There are also other cases where you can report them. In another section, we’ll be stating how you can report them to the Federal Government.

How to Report a Loan App to Federal Government

The Federal Government through the Federal Competition and Consumer Protection has given you the right to report cases of malfunctioning and misbehaving loan apps. Thus, you can report loan apps that harrass you or have one malfunctioning or another.

By doing this you know the best way of how to make loan apps stop threatening you. Therefore, the loan apps, especially ones you obtained loans from, don’t need to harrass or malign you.

To report and get the off your back you send a letter of complaint concerning the issue to email address

In this letter, your name, your other details, the name of the loan app, the other vital details of the loan app, the date of collection of loan, the kind and level of harrassment you are undergoing, and your request (that they should be warned and sanctioned), should be in the letter.

You write it with a formal format and in formal language and tone. As stated before, you send it to the email address and drop it physically at any of their offices nationwide.

Some of their offices across the country are:

Abuja: 23, Jimmy Carter Street, Asokoro Abuja. Call 0805602020 or 08056023030 to reach out.

Awka (South East): Opposite Government House, Enugu-Onitsha Expressway, Awka. Call 08034124060 to reach out.

Port Harcourt (South South): 16, Haastrup Street off Eligbam/Orazi Link Road, Port Harcourt.

Lagos: 3B, Ladoke Akintola Street, GRA, Ikeja, Lagos State.

If it is case of an unregistered loan app, especially ones with high interest rates and short repayment time, you can send a mail to


How to report a loan to Federal Government, and the best way of how to make loan apps stop threatening you, is an easy task to do. It is advised that you should visit the offices close to you. It is when you visit that the issue will be resolved faster.

For more details visit the FCCPC Website: