GT Bank Quick Credit Loan Code

GT Bank Quick Credit loan code is an instant loan offering platform in GT Bank that gives people offer of a fast loan at a very low interest rate of around 1.33%. This makes the loan offered by this bank as one of the loans with the lowest interest rate. This rate makes it a bank or loan type you should try out.

The issue is that before heading on to apply for the loan, you should know the procedures, process, requirements, and all. You don’t get to the loan platform and apply for the loan like that. You should know all the details of what you need to get the loan. It is a simple process that you can easily understand.

Of all the things you need to know about this loan and the platform, we are starting with the requirements.

The Requirements for this Loan

You must have an active account with GT Bank.

The bank account should be active for at least three months.

Your account cash flow and input should be bigger than the money you are asking for.

Your mobile phone should be connected to the bank account you want to borrow with.

You must have been using USSD services as part of your bank transactions.

Your credit score or credit worthiness should be good. This means you should not be owing loans anywhere or you shouldn’t have defaulted in the repayment of your former loans.

Why you should Consider getting this Loan?

This loan has one of the cheapest or lowest interest rate quick cash loan.

The processing of the loan is done very fast, and you get your loan request approved instantly.

There is no documentation needed as your files are already with the bank.

It is a simple and easy process that won’t take your time or cause unnecessary worries for you.

The repayment period is somewhat flexible.

GT Bank Quick Credit Loan Code

We reiterate that you must note that you can only use this loan platform or USSD code if you are a GT Bank customer. Aside from being a GT Bank customer, you should also have a steady inflow of cash into your bank account. You should also have been active for more than six months to be eligible to apply for the loan.

The amount of loan that can be approved for you is considered based on the amount of cash inflow you have. You can loan any amount from 1000 naira to 5 million naira. The repayment period can be for some days to a few months to a year. You have to fill it in and make a valid request of the amount you can repay.

Once, you fail or starting failing on your repayment plan and process, you get a penalty fee of 1% monthly. Every month you delay, the amount adds 1%. To secure this loan, you use the USSD code, *737*51*51#.

Simply put, the GT Bank Quick Credit loan code is *737*51*51#.

After getting the loan and using the money, please endeavor to pay back at the right time. You should not default in the loan repayment. Defaulting in the loan repayment will lead to a bad credit worthiness for you.


GT Bank Quick Credit loan code is not a hard loan firm or code to utilize. It’s a platform and code you can easily utilize. However, just like we have always advocated in the other loan articles, you should always endeavor to repay your loan at the expected time.