First Bank Loan Code

First Bank loan code is a process and dialing you can carry out from the comfort of your room and bed. You can secure this low interest loan fast and easily. In no time, you have a loan that’s enough to meet your needs.

In this post, we’ll be guiding on how to use USSD code in securing loan from First Bank. You can do this from the comfort of your home or anywhere you are. You also don’t have to worry about documentation processes and bottle necks.

Now, we’ll take you through the requirements and why you should borrow loan through this code.

The Requirements for this Loan

You must have an active account with First Bank.

The bank account should be active for at least three months.

Your account cash flow and input should be bigger than the money you are asking for.

Your mobile phone should be connected to the bank account you want to borrow with.

You must have been using USSD services as part of your bank transactions.

Your credit score or credit worthiness should be good. This means you should not be owing loans anywhere or you shouldn’t have defaulted in the repayment of your former loans.

Why you should Consider getting this Loan?

This loan has one of the cheapest or lowest interest rate quick cash loan.

The processing of the loan is done very fast, and you get your loan request approved instantly.

There is no documentation needed as your files are already with the bank.

It is a simple and easy process that won’t take your time or cause unnecessary worries for you.

The repayment period is somewhat flexible.

First Bank Loan Code

We reiterate that you have to meet the requirements and satisfy some criteria before you can assess the loan through code. You first of all have to be a First Bank customer in addition to other requirements.

First bank loan code is *894# or *894*11#. This means that you can use any of the two codes to borrow money if you are a customer and qualify to be given a loan.

You use the code *894# if you are using the code for the first time, and you would love to take a loan.

You shouldn’t forget to pay back the loan as at when due. This is for you to keep having good credit worthiness and score.


First bank loan code is a great way to get instant money when you are in need of funds. It is a life saver. The bank offers you loans at low-rates.