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How to Report a Bank to CBN (Central Bank of Nigeria)

This is a guide on how to report a bank to CBN, and how and where to lodge a complaint against a bank or any related financial institution regulated by the Central Bank of Nigeria. These financial institutions or banks can be commercial banks, microfinance banks, or primary mortgage institutions.

This guide is necessary because there are always complaints of people linked to their use of a bank or another.
Thus, if you have any complaint relating to fraud, poor service, and so on, you can report the matter to the CBN. The only issue is that you have to do it properly. You have to follow due to process in order to get a reply to your report.

In the next section of the post, we’ll be list common problems customers have with their banks.

Common Problems Customers have with their Banks that you can Report to CBN

Fraud (all types of fraud, especially missing money from bank account)

Poor service delivery of great magnitude

High charges on account (like unnecessary deduction for maintenance of ATM cards)

Non-compliance of bank to CBN rules and modalities of banking

Use of unskilled workforce or unprofessionalism among the workers.

There are also many other cases of customer problems you can take up to the CBN. It will make the back sit up and engage in better service delivery.

How to Report a Bank to CBN

In this section, we’ll be looking at the procedures and process it will take you to report a bank to CBN.

The steps are listed below:

Lay Complaint to Your Bank First

Once you notice a problem with your bank, any problem you aren’t comfortable with, the next step is laying complaint to your bank.
You should go straight ahead to the customer service unit of the bank to lay complaint and get it solved.
You give the bank two weeks to resolve the issue, and if it is not resolved, you can follow the next step.

Report to the Consumer Protection Department of CBN

If the case is unresolved, then you report the case to to Consumer Protection Department of CBN.

Below is the right way and mode to properly report the case:

Firstly, you have the knowledge of the contact detail of the CPD. The first contact detail is the Email Address of

You write a letter of complaint addressing the Director, Consumer Protection Department, Central Business District, Abuja, and submit it through mail.

In addition, you can also write a letter of complaint that should be addressed to the Director, Consumer Protection Department.

You can submit your physical letter to the CBN Head Office or at any of the Central Bank of Nigeria branches of nationwide.

It is best if you compose your letter and submit it to the email address and the physical address together to be on a safer side.

The next problem should be how do you write a proper letter of complaint so your letter doesn’t get ignored. This is how you do it below:

How to Write an Effective Complaints Letter

Your complaint should be clear and concise to avoid ambiguity. The complaint lettee, which is more or less a petition, should contain amongst other things the following:

• Name, Address, Contact Phone Number & E-mail of the Complainant;

• Name of your Financial Institution;

• Personal banking details (Do NOT include PIN & Passwords, please;)

• History/Date of the transaction in dispute;

• Amount claimed (if any);

• Attach relevant documents to support you claim and;

• Evidence to show that you have first lodged the complaint at your bank.

You can make more enquiries about this process when you visit CBN website:

Furthermore, if you get no reply after doing this, you go again to their office. Then, if the workers aren’t responding to you as they should, you call them out on Twitter. Twitter is also an effective place to have your banking issues sorted. You can call out the defaulting bank as well as the CBN for incompetence in handling your issue.


How to report a Bank to CBN is an easy process you can follow to get justice for any bank complaint you have. If you do it the right way, there is no way your complaint won’t get replied. Do this to encourage better service delivery in banks