How to Login to and Use JAMB/UTME Portal 2024


It is no news that JAMB/UTME 2024 is around the corner and its time for registration, checking results, and all. This is one of the reasons why our website exists. We’ll be guiding you on how to login to and use JAMB/UTME portal 2024.

Are you a first timer then it’s actually not hard to use and log into the portal. This post will be a great and good guide for you. Now, let’s go into the details of this.

How to Login to and Use JAMB/UTME Portal 2024

We’ll show you the process to follow to login. Read them carefully.

1. Registration

You should go to a JAMB accredited Cyber Cafe or business center to register for JAMB/UTME 2024 first.

2. Documentation

Your details would be documented like name, email, address, and so on on JAMB website. It is after some days that JAMB must have saved and recorded your details that you can login.

3. Get and Save your Login Details

After a day, two, or more, you need to o go back to the person who did the registration for you to get your login details to the JAMB portal 2024. You write it down, save it, and keep it ready for use at all times.

4. Lost your JAMB 2024 Login Details?You can get it back this way …

Go to, and once you key in your registration number or email address into the column provided on, you get across to your details.

You can do this by checking the JAMB Portal by typing in your search box and login to the website using your JAMB Reg number or email address. If you have forgotten your password, you can easily reset your password online by sending a message to 55019 using the format “PASSWORD Email” using your phone.

5. What is the Real and Original JAMB/UTME Website in 2024?

The real and original JAMB/UTME website in 2024 is It is not or

6. What is the Original and Real JAMB/UTME Portal in 2024?

The original and real JAMB/UTME Portal in 2024 is

However if you need to login to JAMB portal urgently without being delayed, you type the URL on you browser. You can login to JAMB/UTME portal faster.

You can check your result and do other things on JAMB portal. You can also check your other pieces of information related to JAMB on its portal.

If you have any issues that need further attention, you can contact JAMB tech support team.


This post has best treated this topic of how to login to and use JAMB/UTME oortal 2024. It’s a good guide for you that you’ll get to know well. Good luck!

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