How to Get 240, 250, 270, 300, and above in UTME/JAMB 2024 and Cross Cut Off Mark


A lot of Jambites are worried about passing the exam and scoring up to the cut off mark of JAMB and the universities they applied to. It is a genuine concern, though. In this post, we’ll be writing on the simple process of how to get 240, 250, 270, 300, 320, 350 and above in UTME/JAMB 2024 and cross the cut off mark.

To do this is not an easy step and process but it can be done. It all depends on how hard you work, and your strategy. Now, let us take a look at what you should do to achieve the high score you so desire in your JAMB/UTME 2024.

How to Get 240, 250, 270, 300, 320, 350, and above in UTME/JAMB 2024 and Cross Cut Off Mark

1. Plan to Study Very Hard

You should plan to study very hard in case you want to achieve a very high score in the JAMB examination. If you study 3 hours a day, I think it’s time you study 6 hours a day now. You need to read and re-read your textbooks, notes, and past questions. Finishing your textbooks and notebooks isn’t an excuse for you to stop reading, you need to re-read them.

2. Get the JAMB/UTME Recommended Textbooks

JAMB/UTME usually have recommended textbooks for its annual exams. You should endeavor to get them instead of the ones that aren’t recommended. Then, you read them like it’s your last day. You have to read every word, punctuation, sentence, and figure. As you read, you read to understand first.

3. Attend JAMB/UTME Coaching Classes

You don’t need to read alone, you also need to attend JAMB/UTME coaching classes. These classes will make you some steps ahead of your peers. You should register for the classes where only the experts are coaches, and it’ll help you understand the JAMB questions better.

Attending JAMB classes, and being serious with it, means you are 100% surer of scoring high in the exam.

4. Study and Memorize JAMB/UTME Past Questions

You need to study and memorize JAMB/UTME past questions very well before the exam. This is the reason why we suggest reading 6 hours daily because you are going for a battle. When you are done reading the main textbooks, notebooks, and other resources, the next to try is the past questions. You try them out before taking corrections, and memorizing them.

5. Use this Reading Technique to Score High in JAMB/UTME

This is the best reading technique and method to use if you want to score high in JAMB. This best reading technique is skimming, scanning, reading and thorough reading. What we mean by this is below:


You assign yourself the pages to read for the day. You use your eyes to run through the pages briefly. This is to get the faint ideas of what the pages are talking about.


You read the pages again but this time around you read deeper through not fully focused.


This time around you read very deeply, underlining the vital points with your pencil or writing down the points in your notebook. This time around you read to understand.

In addition, in case you don’t fully understand what the pages are saying, you can re-read, this time slower and in-depth. You underline and write the points.

6. Have a Study Group

While studying for your JAMB examination, you should have a competitive study group. This group should be a focused one where you guys challenge yourself academically. You guys would work and study hard. Possibly, compete to be the best in UTME and Screening as well.

7. Practice the Exam on Computer Multiple Times before the Main Exam

You need to practice the examination questions on any functional computer before the exam day. This is to get you to know how to use a computer to write that the exam, and also to enable you learn how to write the exam perfectly. It will make you know how to use the computer better on the day of the exam. It will also let you know how to manage time.

8. Be Time-Conscious when Writing the Exam

You have to be time-conscious when you write the exam. You don’t need to be too fast or too slow. You take the exam questions one after another, and answer them perfectly. Set a target on how many marks you should get in the exam.

9. Go with Writing Materials and Calculator on the Exam Day

You need to go along with your writing and working materials on the exam day. This is to enable you use the empty paper sheet and pen for calculation in case there are problems to solve, and the rest. You shouldn’t be caught unawares.


This post has examined how to get 240, 250, 270, 300, 320, 350, and above in UTME/JAMB 2024 and cross cut off mark. You need to follow the steps meticulously to get your JAMB score right. If you score high in the exam, there is higher probability of securing admission into the university in that desired department.

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