How to Check for Original Gold when Buying in Nigeria


Top of the things and issues people worry about when they want to buy gold is how genuine or original that piece of gold is. This is more especially in Nigeria where people get easily duped. In this post, we’ll be writing about how to check for original Gold when buying in Nigeria.

To avoid the heartache of having fake gold sold to you and losing your money, there are steps and tips you need to take to avoid being defrauded. Now, let’s take a lot at some of them.

Tips and Steps to Take to Avoid Being Scammed by Gold Sellers in Nigeria

1. You have to buy from a trusted gold merchant. We advise that you buy your gold, especially if you are buying in large quantities, through referral. Your relative or close friend can refer you to a merchant.

2. If it is doable, you should buy from Lagos and Kano gold merchants. They sell cheaper and more genuine products. It is best you buy from wholesalers that are 100% trustworthy.

3. You can go with a gold dealer. Gold dealers can spot original gold by mere looking at them.

4. You should know that any gold accessory you are buying is supposed to have over 42% gold, even though it’s gold plated accessory. Thus, any accessory that has less than this amount of gold, even though, it is gold-plated, is fake.

Then, let’s go to how to check the original gold in case you can do the mentioned tips.

How to Check for Original Gold when Buying in Nigeria

1. Use Water

This is the easiest way to know an original gold. You can ask the mechant to give you a small bucket filled with water. You drop the gold in the water. If it hangs, it is fake; if it sinks, it is the original.

2. Rubbing against Non-Glazed Ceramics

You can ask the merchant to rub it on a non-glazed ceramics material. They usually have this. Tell them to do it, or you do it yourself. If the color that rubs off is golden without scratching the accessory much, it is gold. However, when it is otherwise, it is definitely fake.

3. Discoloration at the Edges

You should check at discoloration at the edges in case the so-called gold-plated accessory has stayed long in the shop. Any notice of discoloration, no matter how little, the piece is fake.

4. Use Vinegar

You can also use vinegar to check for original or fake gold piece. For this procedure, you just pour on a small part of the metal and rub the area lightly, if the golden color rubs off to show something else, then it’s fake.


These ways mentioned are the ways on how to check for original gold when buying in Nigeria. You should ensure you check it well or go with a trusted gold dealer. Gold is still a very good assets to buy and keep for future purposes.

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