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How to Borrow Data from Airtel

Sometimes you might be short on data as an Airtel user, and as such, you would have to borrow data to make up for what you don’t have. It is important you know how to borrow data from Airtel, and the code to borrow data from Airtel. This is to enable you borrow, and to do it in the right way.

What is presented here is the easiest and fastest way you can borrow data from Airtel. There are procedures and guidelines, and there are requirements as well. You can read below to discover more about how you can easily do this. However, before we get into the details of how to do this, you should know more about the service provider and what they offer.

Airtel History in Nigeria

Airtel Nigeria was founded and established in 2001. The network provider was the first to begin provision of network services to Nigerians. The first name the company bore was Econet, before it was acquired and renamed to Vodacom in 2004.

In the same 2004, the company Vee took charge of the service provider, and it was renamed V-mobile. In 2006, the network provider was acquired again by Celtel.

Two years later, Zain acquired the company. The name was changed to Zain. It was only in 2010 that Bharti Airtel acquired the company and it bears its current name–Airtel.

Things you didn’t Know about Airtel

  •   The name Airtel is the name of its owner.
  •   Airtel was the first commercial and private network provider in Nigeria.
  •   The network provider has been acquired and name changed for 5 times.
  •   According to the data released in 2019, Airtel has around 27% of Nigeria’s network market share. There are more than 47 million Nigerians using Airtel network.
  •   Airtel is also present in over 12 countries in Africa. Airtel is also very popular and widely used in India.
  •   The amount of Airtel share in the stock market is worth more than 350 naira.
  •   The headquarters of the company is in Banana Island, Lagos.

How good is Airtel in Browsing and on Smartphone?

Airtel’s network covers a large area of Nigeria. Thus, you can use it, and it would be very fast in browsing in good locations in Nigeria. One of the mottos of the company is “the smartphone network.” The company believes their network services is one of the best.

How to Borrow Data from Airtel

First of all, you must be a user of Airtel to be qualified to borrow data from Airtel. There are also other criteria you must pass to be able to borrow data from Airtel. These criteria are:

You must have been really active in your use of the sim and your purchase of data and airtime.

You should be a constant prepaid user.

You should not have an outstanding loan with Airtel.

The sim should not be less than five months old.

You can borrow from 100 naira and above depending on your previous level of use of Airtime.
What you are owing will be automatically removed from your phone when you recharge.

The interest rate is 15%.

If you meet all these criteria then you qualify to borrow from Airtel or use Airtel extra credit.

This is the code to borrow from Airtel and how you borrow below:

The code you dial to borrow data from Airtel is *500#. Then you select option 3 for borrow data. To check if you are eligible to borrow data, the code to dial is also *500#.


The code to borrow data from Airtel is not that difficult to know. You should also know that it does not take much time to process as your data will be transferred immediately to your phone. This is why it is important you know how to borrow data from Airtel.

You can visit their website (Airtel) for further clarifications.

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