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How to Borrow Airtime from 9mobile

You can be out of airtime at a point that you are in serious need of airtime. If you are out of airtime, you don’t need to worry because 9mobile’s “more credit services” got you covered. You can easily get more airtime to meet your needs if you are out of it. However, it is important you know how to borrow airtime from 9mobile and the code to borrow airtime from 9mobile.

You can always pay back the amount of airtime you borrowed (with about 15% interest) later. To meet your needs at that moment, the airtime is needed. The good thing about seeking the airtime loan is that you get it approved immediately if you are eligible to borrow.

Before we get into the details of whether you are eligible or not. We are taking you through fantastic details about this awesome service provider.

History of 9mobile in Nigeria

9mobile didn’t come into Nigeria to do business until after Airtel (formerly known as Econet), MTN, and Glo, had come into the country to do business. President Obasanjo’s administration was able to convince investors from the Middle-East, and that’s how about $400 million was invested into Nigeria as 9mobile.

9mobile was formerly known as Etisalat. It was a vehicle-manufacturing company, Mubadala, from United Arab Emirates that invested in the company. The network provided officially started providing network services in 2008. The company was able to establish itself and take a cut of the market share even though they came later. You should note that Etisalat was already popular in the Middle-East.

Due to the case surrounding the establishment of this network provider–the company used loans to start up the company, the company has been in debt for the majority of the time it has been in operations. It is this debt difficulty and more piling of debt that made Mubadala exit the company in 2017, and now, it is owned by its Nigerian shareholders. The name changed from Etisalat to 9mobile, and it is still in debt.

The service provider is reported to have about over 12 million users in Nigeria about a meagre 6% of Nigeria’s telecommunication market share.

Things you didn’t know about 9mobile 

  •   It is owned by Nigerians, who are shareholders of the company.
  •   The company was formerly known as Etisalat.
  •   9mobile is the last major Nigerian network provider to begin operations in Nigeria.
  •   The full meaning of 9mobile is 9ja Mobile (9ja stands for Naija or Nigeria)

How good is Etisalat in Browsing in Nigeria?

Even though the network provider does not have much coverage around Nigeria like other network providers, in the areas where it is active, Etisalat is very fast in browsing. At a point, the company prided itself as the best network provider in terms of browsing. However, they are limited by lack of extensive coverage, and lack of popularity and acceptance by Nigerians as it was the last to come into Nigeria’s telecommunication market.

How to Borrow Airtime from 9mobile

To use the code to borrow airtime from 9mobile, you have to be eligible. Thus, there are certain criteria you should pass to be able to borrow airtime from the network provider. These criteria are:

You should be a registered prepaid user of 9mobile.

You must have been recharging, browsing, and making calls in the last three months.

The level of the amount to be borrowed to you is determined by the amount you use periodically on the network.

You can check if you are eligible by dialing *665*3#.

You repay the loan when you want to recharge next, and you would be charged 15% of the amount borrowed as interest accrued on the borrowed airtime.

Then, if you are eligible, the code to borrow airtime on 9mobile is *665*amount#. Thus, if you intend borrowing 100 naira, you dial *665*100#.


You dial *665# and follow the instructions and guide on borrowing airtime.


How to borrow airtime from 9mobile is not difficult to do. It is something you can do easily in the comfort of your home. You should also know that whenever you apply, and you are eligible, it is approved instantly.

You can check 9mobile’s website (9mobile) for more clarifications.

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