Garri Parfait: Joy Uchechukwu lends Emotional Support to the Brand

Garri Parfait: Joy Uchechukwu lends Emotional Support to the Brand

Garri Parfait is a product produced by Maureen Emenike, and launched into the market in 2023. Maureen Emenike launched the product from her campus, ABSU Uturu. It is made up of Garri, peanut, milk, sugar, and other condiments.

Since it’s launching, it has caused lots of buzz. Many have criticized, and others have commended her. In a Facebook post, Joy Uchechukwu pens down an emotional support for the brand, and a business guidance. She shares her own experience as a young entrepreneur.

Garri Parfait: Joy Uchechukwu lends Emotional Support to the Brand

Ms. Joy Uchechukwu writes that

“When I started Favent Beauty Cosmetics in 2016, I was a 200L student studying Public Administration.

I started very small. I can still remember how I was using fork to whip Hair Growth Butter then. I can also remember that I used pen and paper to label my products.

Imagine how I felt when this young lady was trending because of her Garfait (Garri Parfait) product. Everything about her resonated with me. I could relate to her story.

I saw a lot of posts talking about the price of her Garfait. Some were constructive criticism while others were sheer insensitivity and disrespect towards the young girl and the work she put into developing this idea. I also saw few posts encouraging her.

People like my big sister Chichi Eriobu and Chu-Chu Onyegbule encouraged her. It was Chuchu post that made me reach out to her. I felt that connection and said I was going to guide her through this.

The young lady saw my comment and sent a message to me. We had a chat about her product, the value proposition, target audience, pricing, packaging, etc. I pointed out some things and asked her to go work on them.

This young lady quickly swung into action. She came back and we worked on the pricing. We reviewed the old price and came up with the current prices for the (3) different cup sizes.

Maureen Emenike is such a brilliant, teachable, enterprising, and respectful young lady. She is a fast learner too. I love her already. I can tell you that this product would go far. Trust me.

Her brand name is ME Foods. She has other products like peanuts, chin chin, etc. Garfait is her newly developed product.

The good thing about ME Foods Garfait is that it is produced with a well processed and safely stored Garri. Your health is her priority. You don’t have to be scared of rat and cockroach infested Garri. This is one of the reasons why you should patronise her.

What about the convenience this product offers you? Perfect. You can order a cup of Garfait and drink Garri wherever you are while maintaining beauty.

Now, she has (3) different sizes of Garfait (Garri Parfait):

1. Student Cup – 450 naira.

2.  Plain Cup – 750 naira

3. Luxury Cup – 900 naira

The Product is No LONGER 1,200 naira, it’s initial price.

Who is Maureen Emenike, CEO of ME Foods and Garri Parfait?

Maureen Emenike is a Public Administration student of Abia State University. She hails from Abia State. She is based and grew up in Aba but currently she is schooling at Uturu.

What Maureen needs from us is support. You can support her by paying for some cups of Garfait and ask her to share to students in her school. You can also support her by sharing this post, please

Call or send a WhatsApp message to her on 07067979451.”

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