Chief Eric Ifeanyi Okoye, CEO of Juhel Limited, Pharmacy, Drug Production, and Oil and Gas

A good number of Nigerians must have heard about Juhel Limited that produces drugs, of Juhel Pharmacy, or Juhel Oil and Gas, but most do not know who the owner is. Since, a lot of Nigerians, especially those in the South East, do not know him or his history. In this post, we’ll be examining the life and biography of Chief Eric Ifeanyi Okeke, CEO of Juhel Limited, Pharmacy, Drug Production, and Oil and Gas.

Biography of Chief Eric Ifeanyi Okoye, CEO of Juhel Limited, Pharmacy, Drug Production, and Oil and Gas

Chief Okoye hails from Agulu in Anambra State. He grew up mostly in Southeast, Nigeria. This might be the reason why he chose to live and set up his businesses in the region.

While growing up, he was studious and hardworking. Perhaps, this is the reason why he opted to study Pharmacy in the university. He gained admission to study Pharmacy at the University of Ife (now Obafemi Awolowo University).

After graduation, he did his NYSC service year in Rivers State. Right after doing his service year, he got a job at a foreign-owned company. He worked in this company for about five years.
He quit working in the company, and decided to set up his own drug production company in Enugu.

According to Chief Eric Ifeanyi Okoye, he started his business in a single room in Trans Ekulu Layout, Enugu. As at the time of its establishment in the late 1980s, his business was the first drug production business in the old Anambra State.

Chief Okoye called the business “Juhel.”
From then, the business grew from strength to strength, and expanded. It is worthy to note that at the point of establishment of the business, Juhel had only two staff members. Mr. Okoye was heavily involved in running the business.

While running the business, he was also studying for higher degrees. He successfully got a master’s degree and PhD in Pharmacy. Mr. Okoye also went to study for other educational programmes at different times in his life.

The business continued to grow, and after 12 to 20 years, he was able to move to his permanent factory and site in Emene, Enugu. He also set up another factory in Awka, Anambra State. He has also managed to set up branches in different parts of the state .

In addition, from just being a drug manufacturing company, Chief Eric Ifeanyi Okoye diversified his business interests. He is into oil and gas, and other businesses. He has set up countless pharmacy stores nationwide. He has also set up several oil and gas distribution points across Nigeria.

The business moved from employing just two staff members to employing over 3000 people all over Nigeria. The business produces all types of drugs and health products ranging from tablets to serums to injections, and so on. The headquarters of the business continues to be at Emene, Enugu.

Aside from the positive side of his business, he has complained of the hardship he experiences while doing business in Nigeria. It is not all rosy. Nevertheless, he has continued to strive.
Mr. Okoye is happily married with children. He was awarded a national honor in 2010 for his entrepreneurial contribution to Nigeria. He continues to play a huge role in the drug manufacturing and supply value chain in Nigeria.

What is Chief Eric Ifeanyi Okoye’s Net Worth?

He is worth around $160 million. The drug industry is a profitable sector, and he has played a part in its growth in Nigeria since the 1980s. His company had grown from a single room business to that of many factories, pharmacies, oil and gas distribution points, and so on.