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Best Places to Live in Aba


Aba is one of the cheapest cities in Southeast, Nigeria. It is strictly am industrial and commercial city. This is most likely the reason why the cost of living in the city is affordable. If you want to trade, manufacture, or deal in craft, Aba is a good place to consider. In this post, we’ll be x-raying the best places to live in Aba.

Even though Aba is a commercial city, the social amenities and standard of living in the city is not that fantastic. Nonetheless, there are areas you’ll stay in Aba and you get to enjoy a better standard of living than other areas.

We’ll be exposing these details below:

Best Places to Live in Aba

1. GRA

This area has good facilities and amenities. It was the first administrative area in the city. You’ll find good road network here. The power and water supply here is better than what is witnessed in the other parts of Aba. It is also close to most parts of Aba.

To rent house in this area you don’t necessarily have to break a bank like what you see in other Southeastern Nigerian cities. If you have 200,000 naira, you can rent a good self-contained room here. In addition to that, 300,000 naira or slightly more should be enough to rent a room and parlor self-contained. For a full flat, 500,000 to 600,000 naira should he enough.

The water bill, light bill, food, clothing, and others, aren’t expensive in any way.

2. Ogbor Hill

This is also another good area in Aba. In this area, the social amenities are fair. The road network is pliable. There is a good level of decency in this area. It is also secure.

It is a large area as it comprises many streets. However, all these streets can qualify as good places you can live in.
To rent a flat here, you should make a budget of 400,000 naira and above. A self-contained room can be gotten as low as 150,000 naira. Meanwhile, a room and parlor self-contained can be rented at the rate of 250,000 naira.

3. World Bank

This is a central area in Aba. It is closer to the busy areas in Aba. Even though it is not as well-taken care of like GRA, it is a great place to consider staying.

To rent an apartment here, you should hold the same price as we recommended for Ogbor Hill. The rents are mostly the same. In case there is any difference, the difference will be slight.

4. Osisioma

This area is at the center of Aba. From here, you can connect to anywhere in Aba. You can also easily connect to other cities easily like Port Harcourt, Umuahia, and so on.

For renting apartments here, they are affordable. You can rent a self-contained room for 120,000 naira. You also rent a room and parlor self-contained for 180,000 naira. For a full flat, having a budget of 350,000 naira should be enough.

5. Ngwa Road

This is also a great area to stay. It is close to every important places and markets you would love to go. It is an area that is also perfect of business. It is very affordable.

To rent apartments in this area, you can go with the prices or amounts we recommended for Osisioma.


Presented in this post are the best places to live in Aba. You can go make your own little research yourself before making a pick. It is after making your research that you can finally make a pick considering the other factors you have to weigh.