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Best Places to Live in Port Harcourt

Port Harcourt is mostly known for its port and industrial area. It is a place you relocate or move to for economic purposes rather than for relaxation. Nevertheless, this doesn’t mean that there aren’t great places in Port Harcourt with all the good life characteristics that you need. In this post, we’ll be examining the best places to live in Port Harcourt.

In the examination, a major consideration will be put on the social amenities present, location in the city, standard or living, and so on.

Best Places to Live in Port Harcourt

1. GRA Areas

There are several areas in Port Harcourt regarded as GRA (Government Residential Areas). They are similar in the richness, quality of infrastructure, exclusivity, and other characteristics that you can think of a tush place to stay. It is also in a good location. These areas are highly secured and exclusive.

The factor you should consider before making your decision to settle with this place is that it is very expensive.
To rent a full good flat here, you should be keeping a budget of 1 million naira. For a room and parlor self-contained, you should hold around 500,000 naira to 600,000 naira. A self-contained room can go for around 400,000 naira.

2. Harmony Estate

This is also a good area to consider staying in Port Harcourt. The good thing in this place is that since it is a rich estate, you are offered most of the social amenities you’d be needing. Aside from the social amenities, the location is good, and you have the security and privacy you desire.

The cost of living here is also high. For rent, you pay almost the same amount the people in GRA Areas pay. It is wise to say that you should keep the same budget for all the houses types as recommended for GRA Areas.
If you can afford the rent here, it’s a good decision you should trust.

3. Odili Road

This area is at the center of Port Harcourt city. It is a rich area, of course. Moving here can be one of the best decisions in your life. You get the peace of mind, connection, security, and all that you need.

It is often debated by Pitakwans that it is the best area to live in the city. You should do well to make your own findings, though, and settle for the one that suits your interest.

To rent a self-contained room here, you should be holding around 300,000 naira or more. A self-contained room and parlor goes for 450,000 naira, or less, or more, depending on the condition of the house. A good full flat goes for 650,000 to 800,000 naira.

4. Golf Estate

This is a very rich estate in the center of Port Harcourt. It is a well-planned estate with all the social amenities you require. There are also lots of government facilities close to the area. It is a place you’ll stay, and you have peace of mind, secure and tight.

Since it’s an A-list estate in the city, we recommend you make the same budget as recommended for GRA areas. This is because the cost of rent in the area is on increase yearly.

5. Ada-George

This is the cheapest area to be mentioned on this list. It is a fast-developing area. It began to develop greatly due to the attention Governor Wike paid to the area. Since it has the necessary social amenities like good road network, sufficient power and water supply, security, and some government institutions, the area is doing well.

The cost of living here is on the average. It is not cost as the other areas mentioned but it is not cheap as a lot of other areas in the city. For a self-contained room, you should have the budget of 250,000 naira. If it is a full flat you intend renting, your budget should be from 550,000 naira to 700,000 naira. Meanwhile, for a room and parlor self-contained, you should hold 350,000 naira or above.

You should also know that the power and water supply here is great whe compared to most areas in Port Harcourt.


In this post, we’ve fully examined the best places to live in Port Harcourt. You have to make your own research, visit these areas, and choose the best that suits your needs. You can also consider other factors like their proximity to your workplace.