Best Places to Live in Asaba

Asaba, a nice and fast developing city, sits on the west bank of the River Niger. It is a neighboring city to Onitsha, the city on the east bank of the river. As the city is fast developing, the cost of living in the city is also becoming expensive. In this post, we’ll be treating the best places to live in Asaba.

In writing about this, we’ll be considering the social amenities, standard of living, water and power supply, and many other elements of living in this city. You have to read the list, and make your own little research before finally making a choice.

What we have, in this post, is a good guide.

Best Places to Live in Asaba

1. GRA Area

This place, like other GRA areas in other cities, is a wonderful choice or place you should consider staying in Asaba. Of course, staying here isn’t cheap per se. Nonetheless, you get all the amenities you need to make your stay a good one. There is good road network, frequent power supply, and other basic needs you’d love to have.

This area is also in a central location, and you can easily get to other good locations and places in Asaba.
You should note, though, that the cost of living here is high. For a full flat, you should budget around 600,000 naira to 1 million. To get a self-contained room, you should hold around 300,000 naira. Then, for a room and parlor self-contained, you should save around 400,000 naira.

In addition to the rent, your power bill, water bill, and food, would be higher in amount and price.

2. Okpanam Area

This is also a good area to live in Asaba. There are good social amenities in this area. It is also in a good location in Asaba that you can go to anywhere from her.

The cost of living here, too, is high. You can rent a self-contained room here for around 250,000 naira. You can get a full flat for 500,000 naira to 800,000 naira. Finally, you can rent a self-contained room and parlor for 300,000 naira to 400,000 naira.

Just like in the unwritten laws of renting house in other Nigerian cities, the better the house in design, space, and age, the higher the rent.

3. Ibusa Road

This is also another good area to stay. You can connect to most places in Asaba from here. There are also good social amenities here, and it is relatively calm.

To rent a house here, you’ll need around 200,000 naira for self-contained room. You’ll need 450,000 naira to 600,000 naira for flat. For a room and parlor self-contained, you’ll need to budget 300,000 naira.

4. Asaba Housing Estate

This is a good estate with the right social amenities. Here, you’ll get the comfort and exclusiveness you need. However, you should know that all these goodies come at a high price.

Asaba Housing Estate is almost as expensive as one staying in GRA Area. If you intend staying here, it should be well-planned and saved for.

You should hold a budget of 300,000 naira or more for a self-contained room. It can be a self-contained room in a flat. The amount that can be able to get a good full flat is 800,000 naira. 400,000 to 500,000 naira should do for a room and parlor self-contained.

5. Ekumeku Layout

This is also another great area in Asaba you should try out. It is within the range of Asaba Housing Estate. However, unlike Asaba Housing Estate, it doesn’t offer full exclusivity, but you can get houses that cost way less.

Furthermore, the social amenities in the area are amazing. It is also in a good location close to most places in Asaba. For the rent you should expect, it is wise to hold the amounts mentioned for Asaba Housing Estate.


In this post, we’ve looked at the best places to live in Asaba and the cost of living. If you are considering moving to Asaba, this post should be a great guide. It’ll lead you well on the process of your decision-making.