Don Ebubeogu, the CEO of Tiger Foods Limited, Onitsha

A lot of Nigerians have one way or another used the products of Tiger Foods Limited without knowing who the owner is. In this post, we’ll be undertaking the biography of Don Ebubeogu, the CEO of Tigers Foods Limited, Onitsha. You’ll be able to know a good number of details of this man.

Biography of Don Ebubeogu, the CEO of Tiger Foods Limited, Onitsha

Don Ebubeogu, whose full name is Donatus Ebubeogu, was born and raised in Anambra State. He is the CEO of Tiger Foods Limited, Onitsha, and runs the business with his brother, Celestine Ebubeogu. The brothers grew up assisting their mother in the business.

Don and Celestine Ebubeogu were born and grew up in Anambra State, where they studied, and took part in all their childhood activities. They are from Akokwa in Imo State. Don Ebubeogu attended seminary schools in Anambra State. From there, he moved on Food Technology Institute in the USA.

Tiger Foods Limited started as their mother’s catering business. Reiteratinh what has been mentioned earlier, as children, Don and Celestine helped in the business. It was after they grew up that they decided to expand the business together. The business started in Onitsha, and over the years, it exists in Onitsha–it has continued to grow and expand. The business was formally registered in 1996.

It was after they came into the business that they decided the business was supposed to have more capacity than it had. So, from the basic catering business their mother ran, they introduced heavy food production of all kind. This was mostly pushed by Don Ebubeogu.
Tiger Foods Limited is in several sectors of food production value chain. The company produces spices and seasonings. The company also produces all types of drinks–energy, soft, alcoholic, spirit, and so on. They also produce processed or packaged raw food like beans. There tons of other types of foodstuff they produce.

From Anambra State as a primary market for the business, these brothers have gone on to build a national brand. It is hard to go to any market in the country not to see a product of their brand. The products continue to sell due to how affordable and unique they are. The most popular products of the brand are spices and seasonings for the remarkable tastes they give.

Seeing the evidence of how he and his brother revolutionized the food value chain in Anambra State, Don Ebubeogu has been appointed as member or Chief of several business and company boards. He has served in various capacities in terms of business. He has also given out lots of talks to budding entrepreneurs, especially ones in his field.

He continues to work hard in their business, building and expanding. He is happily married with children.

Don Ebubeogu’s Net Worth

Since he is running his business with his brother, and it is more of a partnership and family business, it’ll be hard to fully detect what he is worth. We can only write that Tiger Foods Limited, and other related companies and investment owned by the family, is worth around $100 million.