Chief Emeka Mamah, CEO of Ifex Express, Ifesinachi, and Other Businesses

A good number of Nigerians have heard about Ifesinachi Transport Company and Ifex Express, but most don’t know the owners of this business. Most don’t know how this business began. In this post, we’ll be presenting the biography of Chief Emeka Mamah, CEO of Ifex Express, Ifesinachi, and other businesses.

Before we go into the details of this enterprising individual, it is good we reveal how Ifesinachi was founded and who founded it. This is because Chief Emeka Mamah inherited Ifesinachi from his late father, Igwe James Mamah. However, it was Emeka that established Ifex Express when his father handed over the running of the business to him.

How was Ifesinachi Transport Company Established?

The establishment of Ifesinachi Transport Company is a story if hardwork, persistence, and dedication.
The founder, James Mamah, started out life like every other average Nigerian. He didn’t receive any wealth or large inheritance from his family. He set out from Ugbaike, Enugu-Ezike, his hometown, in his youth.

He started life doing hard jobs for money like barrow pushing and others. From there, he went into trading. He traded in a variety of goods. Over the years, he saved some money.

James Mamah noticed that even though there were many transportation companies in the southeast, there were areas that were not served like Lagos to Nsukka. Important areas like Lagos to Abakiliki, Lagos to Enugu, and others, were also not having enough buses. This made him go into transportation business using luxury buses to convey people to far destinations at affordable rates.

The business grew, and the number of passengers using the company exploded. From a few buses, Ifesinachi Company got to the height of more than 100 luxury buses serving different destinations across Nigeria including the North. It employed more than 1000 people at its height.

Sadly, the fortune of the business took a downturn due to stiff competition and poor management. The level of patronage reduced. The number of buses reduced. The number of employees also reduced.

The situation got worse following the death of Igwe James Mamah in 2012. Notwithstanding this, at the point of his death, Ifesinachi Transport Company and other investments in his name were already popular nationally.

Biography of Chief Emeka Mamah, CEO of Ifex Express, Ifesinachi, and Other Businesses

Chief Emeka Mamah hails from Ugbaike, Enugu-Ezike, in Enugu State. He was born in 1962. He is one of the first sons of Igwe James Mamah.

He grew up in Enugu State, most especially in Nsukka area. He also went to secondary and primary schools in Nsukka. It was after finishing these schools that he got admitted to study Accountancy at the University of Nigeria, Enugu Campus.

While growing up, he and his siblings helped out their father in his businesses. So, it wasn’t strange that he joined his father’s business after acquiring his accountancy degree from UNN. He added Ifex Express to send and deliver couriers in selected locations in Nigeria to the Ifesinachi business empire.

Mr. Emeka went on to diversity the business. He got into hotel and tourism, oil and gas, trading, real estate, and many more. Now, the company has interests in various business and economic sectors. He has invested heavily in Nsukka and Enugu State as a whole.

He went to to acquire MBA from the University of Nigeria. He also acquired other certifications to improve his level of doing business and investment.
In the late 2000s, Chief Emeka Mamah picked an interest in politics to the consternation of those close to him. In 2006, he vied to be the Governorship Candidate of PDP in Enugu State. He went on to step down for Sullivan Chime, who would eventually win the coveted seat.

His political career has blossomed ever since. He has gone to be Senior Special Assistant to Enugu State Government on seevral occasions, commissioner, local government chairman, board member, and several more. He has also constantly contested to represent Igbo-eze North/Udenu Local Government Areas in the Federal House of Representatives. In the several capacities he has held in the government, he has performed averagely.

He runs several philanthropic programs to help the poor and needy.
Alongside his politicking, Chief Mamah also runs the Ifesinachi business empire. He is happily married with kids. He spends his time between Nsukka, Enugu, and some other places.

What is the Worth of Chief Emeka Mamah?

The estimated net worth of Chief Emeka Mamah is around $30 million. It could be less or more. Due to how badly hit the fortunes of Ifesinachi business empire was, he and the other members of family aren’t worth much.