Chief Frank Nneji, the CEO of ABC Express and Transportation Company

Many Nigerians don’t know that the use of luxury buses in Nigeria, popularly called luxurious buses, was made popular by ABC Express and Transportation Company. They also hardly know about the company’s CEO, Chief Frank Nneji. In this post, we’ll be looking at the biography of Chief Frank Nneji, the CEO of ABC Express and Transportation Company.

Here, you’d learn about this industrious and enterprising human who has gone to a great height in building a successful business. He didn’t only build a successful business, he also believed in Southeast Nigeria, and this is why he invested in the region. Now, let’s gate to it.

The Biography of Chief Frank Nneji, the CEO of ABC Express and Transportation Company

Chief Frank Nneji is from Aboh Mbaise in Imo State. He was born in 1960. He did his growing up in some parts of Northern Nigeria, and then, Southeastern Nigeria.

Frank Nneji’s father worked with the Nigerian military. So, it is understandable that he grew up in a variety of places. However, he did a majority of his education in the Southeast.

It is from here that he chose to study at the University of Nigeria, Nsukka. He studied in the Faculty of Biological Sciences. He initially wanted to study Medicine and Surgery; however, he changed his mind after this.

It was while in Nsukka that he discovered his hustling spirit or business acumen. He started by searching out past questions in the school, and then he printed them and sold them to his fellow students. At the point that he started this business, no one or only very few people had been doing it in the school.
In addition to this, he also went into the business of selling and buying of different forms of goods. He did all of these, and more. He finally graduated. He did his NYSC service in 1983.

After his service year, he continued in his buying and selling business. It was after NYSC that he got the contract to supply boards to Federal University of Technology, Owerri. This was a turning point in his business career.

According to Chief Frank Nneji, he got his biggest business idea in the 80s and early 90s while on his business trips. He said that he used buses to travel to long distances for business. On most of these trips, he noticed how passengers were jam-packed inside the buses. In addition, there was no comfort, healthy balance, and all. The drivers and workers of these companies were rude as well. All these led to the birthing of the idea of his transportation company, ABC Express.

In 1991, he sought a loan to start a transportation business. He used the loan money to buy two HIACE buses. For this business, he introduced a new form with the needed comfort and good customer service relationship. He named the business the “Associated Bus Company (ABC).”

His idea and company revolutionized or changed transportation sector and services in Nigeria, especially as regarding inter-state transportation and long distance journey. He bought coaches, luxury buses, installed with toilet, AC, good seats , good spacing, and all. People no longer needed to be fly to get the comfort they needed.
ABC Express and Transportation Company became an instant success. Many passengers and people began to patronize the business over other businesses. From just a few destination, the company expanded to other locations. The name became a very popular name for frequent travelers, especially in terms of comfort.

The company is the first transportation company to be listed on Nigerian Stock Exchange market. It has gone on to open new destinations in other countries in West Africa like Ghana. It is also heavily into logistics. For over 30 years, the business has remained standing, delivering efficient services, and solving transportation and logistics issues. There are over 1000 employees working for the company in one way or another in different locations.

Nneji sits on several boards. He is a chieftain of the APGA party in Imo State. The headquarters of his business remains in Imo State. He is also still resident in the state.

Seeing his impact, and his enterprising nature, the value of his company, he was given a national award, OON, by the Federal Government of Nigeria. He is happily married with children.

What is the Net Worth of Frank Nneji?

Chief Frank Nneji is worth around $100 million or more. He has been in business for long, and his business has continuously expanded. Aside from transportation and logistics, he is also into other businesses.