Cheapest Places to Get Chinese Yuan in Nigeria


There are a lot of Nigerians who need Yuan for several reasons, especially as China is a big production and trading country. Thus, Yuan is an important currency which can be used in purchasing goods from China. In this post, we’ll be examining cheapest places to get Chinese Yuan in Nigeria.

There are places or locations you can get Yuan very cheap in Nigeria. Let’s take a look at some of them.

Cheapest Places to Get Chinese Yuan in Nigeria


1. Commercial Banks and Third Party Sellers in Lagos


Lagos is the best place to source for your Yuan. This is largely because it is mostly the point of exit out of the country for Nigerians, and there are so many big businesses in Lagos–it is Nigeria’s largest commercial city.

You can get Yuan at very cheap rates in Lagos compared to other parts of the nation. You can get it from banks in the city, or third party sellers. In your attempt to get it, avoid small-scale black market sellers of the currency in the city.

2. Kano


Kano is Nigeria’s second largest commercial city and state, and thus, you can get Yuan cheap in the state. There are many competitions and businesses selling Yuan. You just have to ask around and get connected to the ones with the best offer. You can buy from commercial banks or third party sellers of the currency, anyone you wish.

3. Abuja


This is also another great location you can buy Yuan at a competitive rate due to how competitive the money-exchange market will be in the city. There are also a lot of businessmen and politicians always in search for foreign currencies, so you’ll ever see where and how to buy this Yuan cheap in this city.

4. Onitsha


Onitsha depends largely on imported goods, and most of the imported goods are from China, so you are bound to see and have many options of Yuan supply. In Onitsha, you have to be careful, though. You should do well to make your research before making purchase, and should most possibly source your Yuan from commercial banks in the city or very trusted big-time sellers of the currency in the city.

5. Kaduna

Sourcing for Yuan in commercial banks in Kaduna, or from third party sellers of the currency is also another cheap method to procure the currency for whatever business you intend to do. The rate of the exchange of the currency in Kaduna is very affordable. It is something you can benefit from.


This is it on the cheapest places to get Chinese Yuan in Nigeria. You just have to read and make your choice. You should know that commercial banks are your best bet to purchase this currency, and then third party sellers of it offline. There always chances of purchasing it cheap if you want.

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