Best Profitable Businesses to Start in Onitsha

Onitsha is considered as one of the largest business hubs in southeast Nigeria. It is home to the largest market in West Africa, and a population of over a million people. It is located in a good location. Due to its population, location, and business atmosphere, a lot of people consider Onitsha as a great place to start business. In this post, we’ll take a look at the best profitable businesses to start in Onitsha.

In the process of listing these businesses, we won’t restrict ourselves to a business of high capital but that of various capital. Thus, the businesses we’ll be listing here you can start it out with wide range of amounts.

Now, let us get down to it.

Best Profitable Businesses to Start in Onitsha

1. Trading along a Busy Road in a Market

Trade and trading is the best business to start in Onitsha because a lot of buying and selling takes place in Onitsha. A lot of people come from far and wide to buy from Onitsha. So, if you have good capital like from 2 million naira and above, you should consider renting a shop along a busy road in a market or close to a market. Any product or wares you sell in a busy location in a market or close to market in Onitsha will move.

The secret of doing well in trading business in Onitsha is that you have large capital and you sell at a cheap rate. Once you are in a good location, sell cheap, and deliver good services to your buyers, you’ll do well.

2. Logistics and Transportation

This is the second best business to start in Onitsha, and you can start it in anyway. The population is there for you. You can be a dispatcher, a Keke rider, a mini bus rider, a bus rider, a truck rider, and many other opportunities in Onitsha. Any vehicle you put on the road in Onitsha in any route will move.

However, the bigger your capital the better for you. If you have up to 5 million naira, you can get Sienna and go to far distance journey like Benin, Warri, Enugu, Abakiliki, Nsukka, and so on. It will also move.

3. Food and Foodstuff

Food and Foodstuff business is also another business that moves easily in Onitsha. This is because there is a good number of people living in the city. You can choose to sell the raw foodstuffs or already cooked food. Any one you sell can move in any populated location in Onitsha.

Nonetheless, we advice that’s it is best to start this business in a busy location along a busy road, or you can start it in a market especially in terms of foodstuffs. This business will move for you if you sell very good food and foodstuffs at cheap rates.

4. Bar and Relaxation Point

This is also another fast moving business in Onitsha. It moves because the people love relaxing and drinking after a strenuous day. You’ll definitely get people coming to your bar to hang out in the evenings especially during weekends.

You should find a good moving location, decorate and design the place, and stock your shop. It is best to open this business in a residential location because people love bars and relaxation points closer to their houses or faraway from business areas.

5. Betting, Gaming, and Viewing Center

There are a lot of young people in Onitsha looking for a way out of the harsh economic conditions who love sports and games. Thus, you see a lot of them betting, gaming, and going to viewing centers as an escape route. Opening a betting, gaming, and viewing center in a densely populated area in Onitsha is also another good one.

This one is for those who have capital of around 2 million naira. In this center, you can add drinks, peppered meat or fish to it as well, it will move.


We have done our best on presenting this our best profitable businesses to start in Onitsha. All these businesses can move in Onitsha. It only depends on the choice and passion you have, and in what location you want to cite your business.

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