Best Profitable Businesses to Start in Awka

Awka, aside from being the state capital of Anambra State, is also a populated area with learned people and civil servants. Awka is also in a good location along a major federal highway. It is a relatively good place to start a business. In this post, we’ll be looking at the best profitable businesses to start in Awka.

The secret to doing business in Awka is that you to know that it is filled with learned people and the middle class, thus there are some types of businesses you can do here. One, you would have to have enough capital to design your business well to the customers. In addition, you have to get a good location, and stock your shop pretty well.

Before we continue you should know that Awka is made up of a population of over 300,000 people.

Now, let’s take a look at these profitable businesses that will move in Awka and become a good success.

Best Profitable Businesses to Start in Awka

1. Foodstuff and Restaurant

This is a business that will move very well in Awka so far it is sited in a good location with a large number of people. Since Awka is made up more than 300,000 people, you’ll always find people who eat out especially students and busy civil servants. You can also get enough people to be buying the foodstuffs you sell in case you choose to sell foodstuff.

The secret to starting this business successfully is having a good capital and decorating your restaurant and shop to look good and neat. For the class of people in Awka, they’ll only buy from you if your location is neat. You should remember to pick a busy location.

2. Hospitality and Tourism

The establishment of hotels, lounges, clubs, and bars, is a very good one in Awka. There are lots of youth and middle-class people in the city, so you’ll get customers. You just have to choose a good location.

While choosing a location, you should consider the nature of the place you are choosing. It shouldn’t be in a student, business, or official area. It shouldn’t be in a total populated residential area either. It should be in-between residential and official area so it looks cool.

In terms of club and lounges, you should open a rich one to get good customers, and avoid making it look razz. You’ll surely get your money.

3. School

School is also another sure route or business you can make your money in Awka. You should know that Awka is not only the capital city of Anambra but also where there are lots of learned people. So, you have a lot of good school lovers you can attract if you establish a good school.

Just like we always say, you should get a good location and build the school to be pretty standard. It can be a creche, primary, or secondary school. It can also be a polytechnic or university. All of these would move.

4. Publishing, Printing, Books, and Stationaries

This business will also move in Awka due to the large number of schools in the city. Aside from the number of schools, the population of people living in Awka is also good, and thus you’ll get good number of customers and clients to print and publish for. You also get good number of people to sell the books and stationaries to.

This is a business that you can make a good profit margin within a short time in Awka.

5. Logistics and Transportation

Logistics and transportation are also other businesses that you can make a good amount of money in Awka. You can start this as a dispatcher or keke rider or bus rider or transporter, you’ll make a good amount of money in Awka regardless.

In Awka, there are routes where there aren’t many vehicles going there. If you can get a couple of Toyota Sienna and position them well, you’ll surely get the right amount of passengers to make money for you.


We have done our best in treating the best profitable businesses to start in Awka. You can make a decision on which of these businesses to start that would suit you and give you the right form of money you need. This is a great guide.

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