Best Platforms and Places to Invest in (US) Foreign Stocks from Nigeria


Most Nigerians aren’t aware that they can invest in foreign stocks, especially US stocks, all the way from Nigeria. In the past, it was nearly impossible. However, it is very possible right now. In this post, we’ll be looking at the best platforms and places to invest in (US) foreign etocks from Nigeria.

These places and platforms we are about to mention in this post are registered and regularized by the Nigerians Government. Your investments or stock buying with them are mostly secure. This post will guide you well.

Best Platforms and Places to Invest in (US) Foreign Stocks from Nigeria

1. RiseVest

RiseVest is one of the best choice of platforms you can use to buy foreign and US stocks from Nigeria. The platform is easy to use, and they offer low rate fees and starting up process. You can begin to buy and trade in US stocks with as little as $50. You can trade with as high as $5000 and more.

If you are beginner, though, you are advised to start with a little sum of about $100 or less, and grow from there. Read the ways and procedures of masters in stock trading before buying stocks as there are profitable and non-profitable stocks. You can download RiseVest app and begin investing and stock trading.

2. Bamboo

Bamboo is also another top choice for your trading of foreign stocks in Nigeria. It’s a good choice you can consider. They offer a variety of foreign and US stocks. While buying, you should remember to buy only the profitable stocks.

You can download their app and begin investing and trading all the way.

3. Chaka

This platform is not as popular as the first two mentioned platforms but it is also a good choice you can start with. You can trade with little amount of money, too, and can buy varieties of foreign stocks on the platform. The user interface and procedure is easy. The app is easily downloadable and usable.

4. Kuda Bank

Kuda Bank is the most popular of all the platforms mentioned here due to its level of marketing and reach. It is a platform you can bank with, invest, and even trade on local and foreign stocks. The aspect of investing and trading foreign and US stocks on the bank’s app is easily accessible and usable.

5. Accrue

Accrue is another platform you can use to do foreign stocks. With Accrue, you start with a minimal amount and scale up from there. You should remember about buying only PROFITABLE stocks. Learn the act of stock buying and trading before venturing into it in order not to waste your money and time.


This our post on best platforms and places to invest in (US) foreign stocks from Nigeria has done justice to the topic. You can choose either of the mentioned platforms after learning stock trading, and making your own research. They are all good and poised for great ROI (return-on-investment) if you do it right.

It is important you keep it in your mind to LEARN the act of stock trading before venturing into it.

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