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Best Places to Live in Makurdi


Makudi is the capital of Benue State. The city serves as the link and connection to Southeast part of the country from the Northeast. It can be said to be the end of the greener part of Nigeria before the core North as it is a green as Southern Nigeria. There are several institutions in the city including Federal University of Agriculture, Makurdi. In this post, we’ll be looking at best places to live in Makurdi.

If you are considering moving and living in Makurdi, this post is a great one for you.

Best Places to Live in Makurdi

The areas to be mentioned here are great places you should consider staying with the right social amenities and public infrastructure.

1. GRA

This is the best area to live and stay in Makurdi. The area has the best social amenities and public infrastructure in Markudi. It is where the top men and women in the city live.

If you are looking for seclusion, greenness, quietness, and a totally developed area, you should consider GRA Makurdi. The power and water supply in this area is more stable than most areas in Makurdi. The only negative part of this place is that the cost of living here is more expensive.

To rent a house here, you should keep a budget of around 800,000 naira for a flat, 450,000 naira for a room and parlor self-contained, and 320,000 naira for a self-contained room. It is a big man area this is why it is this expensive.

2. International Market Area

This is at the developed and somewhat central area of Makurdi. This area is a good one to consider if you are a trader, and you have any activities to do around International Market or other markets around. It might be not as good as GRA in terms of exclusion and quality of social amenities there; however, the area isn’t bad area.

The good thing is that the cost of living here is way lower. In this area, you can rent a flat for around 600,000 naira or lower, a self-contained room for 200,000 naira, and a room and parlor self-contained for 300,000 naira.

3. Low Cost

This is an area that is cool and arranged as GRA. You’ll find the exclusivity, greenness, and most of the things that you need to live comfortably here. However, it is not as good as GRA, there are still some limitations. In all, this place is not a bad idea; the houses are good, the streets are nice, and the social amenities aren’t bad.

This is the best alternative to GRA if you need a tranquil and developed area. The cost of living is not that much, too. To rent a house here, you should hold the amounts we recommended for International Market Area. With that, you are good to go.

4. Otukpo Road

This is a large area, and it is the cheapest area to stay in this post. You can find all types and grades of house here. The social amenities and public infrastructure are not bad here as well. You can choose to live anywhere in this area according to your preference and best location.

To rent a house here, you should hold around 500,000 naira for a flat, 170,000 naira for a self-contained room, and 250,000 naira for a self-contained room and parlor. The water, power, and other bills aren’t much as well.

5. Student Areas of Villa Suites and Village

The other good areas to stay in Makurdi are the student areas of Villa Suites for Benue State University students, and Village for Federal University of Agriculture Makurdi students. Are you a student admitted to any of these schools? Then, these are the best areas to stay in the city.

These areas, like all other student areas around the country, aren’t that affordable. The social amenities here aren’t so good as well. However, they are close to the universities as you don’t have to stress yourself for transportation and movement or use too much money in moving it.

In these areas, you will mostly find single room, self-contained rooms, and a room and parlor self-contained apartments. For the single rooms, you should hold a budget of around 80,000 naira annually, 200,000 naira for a stand self-contained room, and 300,000 naira for a room and parlor self-contained.

In some cases, students find room and parlor self-contained cheaper as they can get a team of 4 students to 6 students paying for it.


This post has, in a great way, looked at topic of best places to live in Makurdi fully. You should do your own study before making a move. Nonetheless, this post is a good guide.

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