Best Places to Live in Ilorin

Ilorin is the capital of Kwara State. It is in the North Central region of Nigeria. It is one of Nigeria’s ancient urban areas. The city is a good place to live, work, study, and do business. In this post, we’ll be looking at the idea of best places to live in Ilorin.

You should know that Ilorin is an affordable place you can stay. The cost of living there is affordable. It secure. The city is peaceful. It is one of the places in Nigeria where you get to live a relatively easy life.

Best Places to Live in Ilorin

1. GRA

This is the best area to stay in Ilorin. It is the area that houses most government institutions and agencies. The area is well-planned. It is greenry, and offers good environment to calm your nerves.

The social amenities here are great. The road is almost perfect. It is secure. The power and water supply are great.

Compared to the GRAs of other cities in Nigeria, the cost of living in GRA of Ilorin is somewhat cheap. Here, you can get a flat for around 700,000 naira, a room and parlor self-contained for around 400,000 naira, and a self-contained room for around 250,000 naira.

2. Adewole Estate

This is also a good area to stay in Ilorin. It is a pretigious estate at the heart of the town. You can get to anywhere in Ilorin from here. There are great houses, good road, and other social amenities in this estate.

The foremost good thing about this estate is that you enjoy the calmness and exclusivity. The bad side is that it is on the high side somehow. For this place, you should the same amount for house rent suggested for GRA earlier. You should also hold good amount for the water and light bills.

3. Taiwo Road

Taiwo Road is a business and central area in Ilorin but you can still stay here. It is on this list because it is a good area, affordable, and close to wherever you want to go to in Ilorin. For the bankers, traders, and other people employed in the private sector, Taiwo road is one of your best bet in Ilorin.

The cost of living in Taiwo Road is cheaper than that of GRA and Adewole Estate. With around 500,000 naira, you can rent a flat here; 170,000 naira can rent a self-contained room, and 270,000 naira can rent a room and parlor self-contained. The power and water bills here are more affordable, same with prices of foodstuffs.

The slight negative characteristics of here is slight inconsistent power supply, though.

4. Gaa-Akanbi

This area is also in a central location in Ilorin. It is close to GRA and it is also close to Tanke as well as Taiwo Road. It is one of the closest areas to GRA. You can also start up street businesses here.

This area is similar to Taiwo Road in everything including cost of living. It is the same amount you get house in Taiwo Road that you will get here. The power supply is also slightly inconsistent here.

5. Tanke

For University of Ilorin students, Tanke is the closest and best area to stay as a student. It is very close to the campus as you just need to take a direct cab from here to inside the campus. There is considerable good power supply, and it is a cool area, but within the streets aren’t tarred.

Due to the fact that this area is a student area, it is not affordable like that. It is mostly self-contained room apartments you will find here. To make it cheaper for you, you guys can be two or three in large room or room and parlor self-contained. Tanke landlords allow that.

You have to hold a budget of around 200,000 naira for a self-contained room, 300,000 naira for a room and parlor self-contained, and 500,000 naira for a flat. Flat is cheaper here because most students don’t rent flat. The light and water bills are affordable.


This post has critically looked at the best places to live in Ilorin. You can go through the post, and make your own findings, before making your choice. Ilorin is a good place to study, live, work, and do business.