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5 Strange and New Businesses in Nigeria you can Make Huge Profit From


Nigerians are very creative and industrious. This is the reason why Nigerians turn everything to business even strange occurrences. In this post, we’ll be looking at 5 strange and new businesses in Nigeria you can make huge profit from.

Here, we’ll examine some of these strange business and how you can make money from them.

5 Strange and New Businesses in Nigeria you can Make Huge Profit From

1. Buying and Selling Mints Currency

This is one of the newest and strangest ways of making money in Nigeria–buying and selling mints currency. How it works is that Nigerians who attend and spray money in parties come to you seeking mints to buy. You sell it to them at a percentage and pocket the profit. Let’s say you buy 200K from the hands of bankers for 7K, and then you sell it for 20K, you have made 13K gain by simpling providing money to spray at parties.

Since spraying money is illegal, another way you can make money from this is designing and printing money representative for the party. You print money that looks like the normal currencies, and then you sell them.

2. Iron Condemned and Dealing in Scrap

You can also make money by selling iron condemned and dealing in metal scraps. Nigerians do not respect those who do the business because it is considered dirty business. However, this business is a profitable business that yields a lot of money if you invest in it.

The best way to earn good amount from this business is to enter as a big time buyer. You buy trailer load from collectors and ship it to the people who need it in big cities.

3. Waste Recycling and Management

This is also another strange and unexplored business that gives good amount of money. Here, you get waste and separate them. There are different types of waste and their uses. It is after the separation you get to know their values and which can be recycled. Aluminium tins, plastics, and leathers can be easily sold off or recycled.

At most times, you get the waste for free. So, you do the dirty job, and make 100% gain.

4. Trading in Artifacts Abroad

This is an unpopular business in Nigeria but it pays well. We have so many artifacts that we don’t even know their values that much. Abroad, these artifacts can be sold for good amount of money.

You go to local artists and buy these artifacts, and you go abroad to market them. You can even market them to tourists coming to Nigeria and other African countries. For instance Yoruba hunters jacket that goes for below 20,000 naira in Nigeria is sold for over $4,000 in Europe, so imagine the type of gain you’d make.

5. Mental Health Doctor and Specialist

The level of mental health deterioration in Nigeria is high. Most Nigerians are looking for the efficient places to treat their mentally deranged loved ones but they don’t seem to find. The regular psychiatric hospitals aren’t helping matter, and traditional ones are failing, too.

You can fill in this gap by building a professional and effective psychiatric center and hospital. You treat these people and engage them. You will make a lot of money if your treatment is effective.


This post has explored the 5 strange and new businesses in Nigeria you can make huge profit from. You can make good sum from them if you start and do it right. To start these businesses, you need variety of amounts with some demanding higher than others.