Obi Ozor, CEO and Co-Founder, Kobo360


Kobo360 has made a mark in the field of logistics, especially regarding its niche in logistics, which is to connect truckers to manufacturers and businesses. Most people, who know the business, do not know who the CEO and founders of the company are. In this post, we’ll be looking at the biography of Obi Ozor, CEO and Co-Founder, Kobo360.

Biography of Obi Ozor, CEO and Co-Founder, Kobo360

Obi Ozor was born in Enugu State. He hails from Abor Town in Udi Local Government Area of Enugu State. He grew up mostly in the state. It is reported that he was sickly as a child.

After his primary school education, Obi Ozor got admitted to Sacred Heart Seminary, Nsude. While studying in this minor seminary, he was diagnosed with kidney issues. He had to be flown abroad, the US, for treatment.

He remained in the US where he finished up his secondary and high school education. He secured admission to study International Relations and Finance at the University of Pennsylvania in the US. He studied and completed his studies fully.

Done with his studies, Obi Ozor sought for work. He garnered experience when he worked as an investment banker with JP Morgan. He worked here for a couple of years.

He left the US and returned to Nigeria to work in the capacity of Director of Operations at Uber. He also worked here for a couple of years. It is while working for Uber that he discovered the gap to be filled by his business, Kobo360.

Obi Ozor discovered that there is a huge gap and trouble in logistics value chain as it is hard sometimes for manufacturers and businesses to secure trucks very fast. Sometimes, it is even hard to secure trucks at all. Recognizing this space, he thought of the idea of establishing Uber type of business for trucks and haulage.

In 2016, Obi Ozor and Ife Oyedele founded Kobo360 to cater for the needs of manufacturers and businesses in the transportation of their goods. They began by launching the online platform. Then, they got drivers to register under them, some with their trucks. They also went on to buy their own trucks.

This business has grown from a relatively unknown business to the one that renders services to top tier companies like Dangote, Unilever, and a lot more. Obi Ozor and his co-founder has secured over $20 million in funding to broaden the business.

Obi Ozor spends his time mostly in Lagos where the headquarters of his business is located. For his marital status, we don’t have information if he is married or not.

What is Obi Ozor’s Net Worth?

His net worth is not fully known. It can only be estimated. He is worth around $15 million.