50 Businesses to do in Nigeria with 100K,  80K, 50K, 30K

50 Businesses to do in Nigeria with 100K,  80K, 50K, 30K

50 Businesses to do in Nigeria with Little Money

Have you been looking for businesses you can with the little capital you have? Have you been looking for businesses you can do with 30K, 50K, 80K or even 100K naira? Well, in this post we’ll be treating 50 businesses to do in Nigeria with less than 100K, 80K, 50K, 30K naira as capital.

Often, what people have to deal with in starting a business in Nigeria is low capital as there is often not enough money to go around. A person has to first of all make up his or her mind about the desire to do business before they set out to look for capital. Sourcing for capital to start a business in Nigeria is difficult.

We have made it easier for you here by providing business ideas that’ll suit your capital. How much do you have? 50K or even 40K, and you think it’s not enough to start up a business. It is. Here, we have the list of 50 Businesses to do in Nigeria with 100K, 80K, 50K, 30K, and they’re all good and profitable.

This post is so dear to me, because I recall that I was 21 in 2015 and had savings of 20K. Then, I was working in a chalet in Ajagbandi area of Lagos. I had this desire to start up a business. I discussed with my colleague at work, we were so passionate about starting the business, but guess what stopped it? Funds and lack of support.

The business we wanted to do was Plantain Chips business, and we were sure it would sell, it all depended on how well we made it and how acceptable it was in the market. Oh, how we lost! So in this post, we’ll be guiding you on the businesses to do in Nigeria with 100K, 80K, 50K, 30K in order not to be deterred in an easy way like us.

Businesses to do in Nigeria with 100K, 80K, 50K, 30K

Web Designing

First on our list is web designing. This business is one you can start with as little as 50K naira. What you simply need is a good knowledge of web designing, a laptop and a smart phone. Once, you know how to design websites very well, you’ll always be sought and paid as high as 100K naira for developing one website.

To be a web designer, get a laptop and a smart phone. Make sure to get good ones that can program or do high tech stuff without crashing. You can as well get the fairly used ones. Then, go online and take tutorials on web designing. However, to learn web designing faster, you’ll need to attend a physical class and have trainers and guides.

Be a Web Designer and Make 100K Monthly

Phone Repair

For this second, phone repair, you need just a table, a space and its tools. The beautiful thing about this skill is that you can stay in any little space you can find in a phone shop. To have a successful phone repair outlet, learn how to do it very well under an excellent repairer, then after, get a space in a moving phone shop. If you’re good, you can make more than 70K naira profit monthly.

Bush Meat Farming

Do you know you can also have a farm of bush meats like grass cutters, rabbits and bush rats? These bush animals give birth to a lot of offsprings and don’t die easily. They eat grasses and some household foods.

You can build a cage for it in a simple way. An iron mesh medium cage. Buy a male and two female, and there goes your farm. You feed them very well and take care of them. They will multiply. With time, you make up to 50K naira profit monthly and continue to expand.

Production and Sell of Boxers

Do you know most men don’t wear boxers more than three months? Every day, people, who are selling boxers, are making sales. How do you key in into this industry and make profit?

You can go to Onitsha, Aba, Kano or Lagos to large textile material sellers to buy material from them. Then, you sow the boxers yourself or liaise with a tailor to sow them for you at a reasonable price.

These boxers can be well packaged in five-in-one pack and sold for 2,000 naira or more. For it to sell, you’ve to make use of quality material and use proper sellable packaging.

Ukwa Buying and Selling

If you’re Igbo, then you’ll know how much of a hot cake Ukwa fruit and food is. It is loved very much in Igbo land as food and chewable fruit seeds. The good news is that it is very expensive in the market.

This is one of the cheapest of our 50 businesses to start with 100K, 80K, 50K, 30K. With 30K naira, you can start this business.

How do you do it? You go to interior villages that don’t know the value of ukwa very much and buy the fallen fruits, wash them, dry and bag them. Then, you carry it into cities where they’re desired to sell to buyers as a retailer.

You can make 50,000 naira profit monthly in this business when it begins to make turn over.

Plantain and Potato Chips

Remember my business story of how I almost started a plantain chips business? The truth is that with 50K naira, you can start this business. All you need is the plantain and potato, which you can get cheaper buying it in bulk, and knives, pots, basin, vegetable oil, others.

It’s important you note that you must know how to fry these chips very well before going into it. You should also create a market for it before going in. You can make 70K profit monthly after break even.

Soap Production

This is also another of the cheapest among this our 50 businesses to do in Nigeria with 100K, 80K, 50K, 30K naira. It is a business you can start with as low as 30K naira. However, you’ve to learn the processes of soap production. Then, you buy the chemicals and make it. You begin to sell to friends and family first before marketing it generally and widely.

Phone Sales

The modern economy and business is driven by phone technology. Everyday, everywhere, people are on their mobile phones, making calls or texting someone. It is in high demand, and Nigeria is a country that relies so much on fairly used phones.

With 50K naira, you can get some phones at places where they sell fairly used phones in wholesale or places they sell sold but not tested. The fairly used phones that are sold but not tested can be bought almost at anywhere in Nigeria, however, they are found in Lagos mostly.

You buy them, repair and package them and resell them to people. It’s good you try and change the batteries before selling them.


Popcorn business is also another important cheap one in our businesses to do in Nigeria with 100K, 80K, 50K, 30K. What you need is just the machine for frying it, a space, corn, butter, oil and some other little things. At the end, with 50K naira you can start it and make 50K naira profit or more monthly when the business settles.


Blogging is another good business you can do with 50K naira or even less if you already have a laptop and a smart phone. You need to learn how to be effective as a blogger, then a laptop, a smart phone, and internet connection. The exciting thing about blogging is that you can do it from anywhere, even from your bedroom.

Earning from blogging may take a while, but with good knowledge and consistency, you can begin to earn earlier. You can make 80,000 naira monthly from blogging.

Start a Blog and Earn more than 2 million naira in 2 Years

Designing and Decorations

Are you the type that has great eyes for beauty, design, decorations and arrangement? Then, this is a business that you should go into. You can be into decorations for parties, or simply decorating houses and apartments. Any one you choose to do, you’ll excel and survive in it. With around 80K or 100K naira you can start this business by buying the tools you need. You may not need an office for this.

Mobile Cleaner

Cities like Lagos, Abuja, Port Harcourt and Calabar have a lot of people who cannot do their home cleaning. There is no time for it at most time. They’ll always need a mobile cleaner. This business doesn’t require more than 30K naira. You need cleaning equipment and vibrant marketing. You can start within your locality and expand later.

Mini Foodstuff Outlet

You can start a mini foodstuff outlet with 80K naira or as low as 50K naira. You should make proper research and enquiry about this business first then get into it. Find a space in a food market or in a busy street, get an old umbrella and a table. Then go to bigger food markets to buy foodstuff like stockfish, rice, ugu, garri and so on.

You can make up to 50,000 naira monthly when this business settles.

Cake Baking, Production and Sales

Cup cakes are very good moving items in the market. Due to that Nigeria is a low income country, items like smaller consumers’ items move faster than the larger ones. This is the reason why cup cakes sell faster. To do this business, you can learn cake baking, buy the material and ingredients used, then find a market for it. It sells fast and you’ll make your profit.

You can also bake large cakes for people who need it on their birthdays and weddings.

Mini Poultry

With an amount like 100,000 naira, you can start up a mini poultry if you live in a house with a lot of space like empty rooms or compound to put your chicken cage. You can first of all buy the food they’ll be needing, build the cage or provide shelter before you go get the birds. For an amount as low as this, I will recommend our domestic fowls, Turkeys, Pigeons and Guinea fowls for this business. They will grow and multiply if you take proper care of them.

Nylon Distribution

Do you know this is a part of retailing that you can fill? There are many retailing business that are in need of Nylon suppliers. They wouldn’t want to be going out themselves to buy it and it finishes easily. This business can be started with as low as 30K naira. Simply, identify the businesses that need the nylon, give them at very good price and begin to supply to them.

Toast Bread/Mai shaye

This business moves very well in student and young people environment. It moves very well. Most young people cannot go on for a week without having toasted bread and egg as a meal. It moves very fast in campuses where most students find it hard to cook. With 30K naira, you can start this business and watch yourself good money in some months.

Recharge Card/Subscription/POS

We combined these businesses, because to make good profit in this business you need to combine all of these. The fascinating about this business is that you can do it with just a table and umbrella in a moving location around you. You make a banner and a sign post for the business. You can start this business with 80K naira and can start with recharge card, calls and subscription of DSTV, NEPA and Data first before you move on to POS.

Mobile Salon

Do you think it’s only when you have 200,000 naira that you can have a salon? You can have your own barbing or women salon with 30,000 naira. How do you do it? You learn the skill in a very great way, and then you find a small space in a moving area.

You can also choose not to have a space for a salon; you can be mobile. You talk to people about your services, get business cards and share, place posters and do proper marketing. Clients will come. You go to their houses with your tools to administer your services. It’s profitable.

Production and Sale of Bedsheets

Do you know bedsheets move very fast as a commodity? Bedsheets in homes get worn out easily. Homes and hotels will always need new bedsheets, so it’s something you can do and make good profit. You can either get the material at cheap rates from the market, sow them and sell, or you get the fairly used ones, wash them and sell. Both types sell fast and are profitable. You can start this business with 50K naira.

Paint Production and Painting

With 80K naira you can produce over 30 big buckets of paint and sell each for 4,000 naira. It all depends on how good the paint is and how you market it to buyers. You have to properly learn how a paint is made and then find a market for it. You then produce it and sell. It’s quite profitable.

You can as well present yourself as a painter to your buyers and go with them to do the painting for them. It’s a win-win for you. Painters are well paid.


There are many people in food markets that sell one type of foodstuff, and they make great sales. Let’s take sellers of meat and fish and ugu, for instance, they sell just one type of item and sell a lot. Crayfish sellers aren’t left out of it.

You can get into crayfish business and make lots of money, especially in the cities in the north. You can start by finding space in a moving location or in a market, get a table, a cloth, measuring things and go get the bag or bags of crayfish. You also have to learn from people who have been in the business. You can start this business with 50K and it’s very profitable.

Chilled Soft Drinks, Bottled and Pure Water

For this business, you need a table, a chair, an umbrella, a cooler and the drinks. You find a very busy location, especially close to bus stops, markets and junction where people stand a lot in the sun. Once, they get thirsty, the first person they see is you. You can sell five bags of pure water in a day, two sets of bottled water and a crate of soft drinks. You can start the business with 50,000 naira and it’s profitable.

50 Businesses to do in Nigeria with 100K,  80K, 50K, 30K

Pepper Farming

Nigerians love their meals spicy. Most Nigerians don’t enjoy that meal if it isn’t spicy. So, pepper is a very good marketable commodity in Nigeria. To farm pepper is a good business to consider and it’s cheap to do. You just have to lease like 3 plots of land if you don’t have land, buy the marketable pepper stalks, plant them, and take good care of them with manure and pesticide. In three to six months, you’ll harvest bags of pepper and sell to make crazy money.

100K naira can run this business for you.


This is another great business in our 50 businesses to do in Nigeria with 100K, 80K, 50K, 30K. It gives a lot of money. You have to learn the skill from professionals, create contacts and start running your own catering services. This business is so good and cheap to start that with 50,000 naira you can start and make an average of 100,000 monthly.

To do this business, you should be a very good cook and good at making contacts.

Graphic Designing

Graphic designing is an easy and great skill to learn in this our present time. Graphic designers are needed almost anywhere, and they’re jobs you can get that won’t be needing university certificates. You just have to learn the skill very well, be good at it and begin to sell yourself. You can be an independent designer and make 60K naira monthly from the comfort of your home.

Mini Restaurant

With 100K naira you can rent a space, get two sets and a table, get an umbrella, get pots, coolers and plates, and your mini restaurant is ready. You can cook fast moving meals like beans, rice, yam, stew, soup and fufu. These will sell if you have little or no competition and you’re in a moving location. You must make good food to sell out.

Phone Flashing, Updating and Configuration

Just like phone repair in general, phone repair, updating and configuration is another means to make money with little capital. You just have to learn the skill and be good at it. You find a space in a moving phone shop or a busy location and set up your stand. Customers in need of your services will be flocking in. With 50K naira, you can start this business.

This is a good business to do in Nigeria with 100K, 80K, 50K, 30K


Nigerians loved their meat barbecued, and would cherish to have it anywhere. This is the reason suya business moves a lot. If you’re good at anything food, you don’t have to learn it, but it’s important still that you learn it from the great professionals in the field. Get a moving location, get the barbecue equipment, get your meat and the condiments. The business is good to move. With 50,000 naira you can start and it’s profitable.

Ice Blocks

Do you stay in a place where there is constant light and there is a deep freezer? Then, consider ice blocks business. This business will always move in Nigeria, because there is no adequate light in most areas and most families don’t have refrigerators. Get large nylons, pour water in it, keep them in the deep freezer and let it stay a whole day. Your ice blocks are ready for sale and profitable as well.

Content Creation/YouTuber

Are you a good storyteller and creator of any kind of content? Then this business is good for you. It’s an easy business in this our 50 businesses to do in Nigeria with 100K, 80K, 50K, 30K. If you have the knack for creation of content, especially comedy as it moves in Nigeria, then you can work with a team to make great contents.

You guys can put the content it in writing or as video and post it in YouTube. Once the videos begin getting views, you’ll be getting paid in dollars. It is a business you can start with 100K naira.

Egg Roll, Doughnut and Buns

This is a cheap business to start and they are fast moving commodities. Learn how to prepare them very well, then get a good location and get the items needed for the business. It is a business you can start with 50,000 naira. It is profitable and moves very fast if you know what you’re doing.


I know a lot people who make and sell only shawarma, and they’re making it. Shawarma is loved by most Nigerians living in highbrow areas, then the young and student population. For this business, you just need to know how to make good shawarma, get good location and proper packaging and your business is a bang. You’ll never get tired of selling. You can start this business with 100K naira.

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Sale and Hiring of Fairly Used DVD and DVD Plates

This business is the one you can start with 50,000 naira in this our 50 businesses to do with less than 100K, 80K, 50K, 30K. It’s very profitable as I know a man who trained his brothers, married a wife, has a family and is building a house from the proceeds of this business.

You can buy the cheap DVD plates from Alaba international market in Lagos, Onitsha, Aba and some other places for low as 100 naira. Then sell it for 200 naira. 100% great interest, right? You can also buy fairly used DVD and other home appliances and sell at good price. This is a money spinning business.

Peanut Production and Sale

You don’t need much to do this business. 50,000 naira can start this business. You should first of all acquire the knowledge of making peanuts and create a market for it. Get equipment and ingredients you’ll be using in making it, make it well and market it properly. It will move and sell fast.

Phone Accessories

With 80K naira you can start a considerable good phone accessories business. The beautiful thing about this business is that it is easy to learn the process and cheap to invest in. You can get the phone accessories from Lagos and sell them with as high as 50% profit. When starting it, source for a good location.

Snail Farming

Snails are what you can rear in your backyard with old tires and drums, and that’s why it’s very cheap to do. This one of the cheapest businesses to do in our businesses to do in Nigeria with 100K, 80K, 50K, 30K naira. It’s profitable and low risk.

You just have to learn the process of the business. Then, get old drums, old tires, sand, lids, your snails, and your business is ready to be done in your backyard. Snails multiply at a fast rate and are easily sold at a high price.

Dry Cleaning

This is a great business to start if you are fashion conscious and love good, clean, clothes. You can set it up anywhere with just iron, detergent, starch, buckets and water. You can do it from home before graduating to a shop, a washing machine and all others. Before you venture into this business, set your marketing right.

Smoked Fish/Dried Fish

Fish is the most moving meat protein in Nigeria for many reasons, the foremost being that it is cheap. There is nowhere in any Nigerian city that you bring fish that it would not sell. People prefer it when it is smoked, so smoked fish is the most moving of them all.

What you need to do for this business is to get your smoking equipment, source your fishes and get a good location. You should also smoke and dry some fishes until they become too dry and stiff. You sell them at good prices and in a fast way too. You can start this business with 100K naira.

Mini Importation

Do you know with little money you have that you can import some goods at reduced prices and sell them off? As low as 30,000 naira, you can import some items from China or other countries, market it and sell them at good prices. You can make up to 150% profit from such sales. Most Nigerians don’t know of this business, meanwhile it’s moving and very profitable.

It is a great business to do in Nigeria with 100K, 80K, 50K, 30K

Social Media Influencer

Are you an avid lover of social media? Do you have dedicated large number of followers on your social media accounts? You know you can be paid to promote a product or champion a goal on social media? A lot of people have large followers without knowing what to do with them. Well, you can create accounts, grow following and help people promote their goods and services to be paid good amount of money after.

Doing this business, what you just need is a smart phone, maybe a laptop and good internet connection.

Tomato Farming

Tomato is a moving and profitable commodity in Nigeria. It can be cultivated anywhere in Nigeria and it’s a good performing crop if well manured and treated. You just need like 3 plots of land and you’re good to go. You can get up to or more than 10 baskets of tomatoes from 3 plots of land and they’re sold at good price. With 80K naira, you can start this business.

Sale of Seedlings and Plant Stalks

You can also seek out plants that aren’t common in Nigeria and begin to cultivate them at your backyard to resell to people who would plant it. You should know that like other businesses in this list, you should find a way to learn it before venturing it. This business is cheap to start and it’s profitable. You should be sure to connect people who will be needing your plants–create a market for it.

For this business, ornamental shrubs and trees moves faster in highbrow areas.


This is one of the most common business in our 50 businesses to do in Nigeria with 100K, 80K, 50K, 30K. It situated in almost every junction in Nigerian cities. However, it’s profitable and you can earn very well from it if you’re good at making it and choose a good location. These fries include akara, yam, potato and plantain. It’s very profitable. It can be mixed with the sale of agidi, bread, and pap.

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Mobile/Home Tutor

Do you have passion for teaching? Are you intelligent and knowledgeable about what you studied in school? This business will be great for you as there many parents with kids in need of tutoring. You have the knowledge already, so what you need is to be good at tutoring and marketing yourself to parents who will be needing your services.

Music and Video Downloads/App Installation

To do this business successfully, then you’ve to be close to where phones and laptops are sold and repaired. These days, many people have access to playstore and browser, so to download and install things is no longer difficult as it used to be. However, people who buy new gadgets and whose gadgets have issues can seek your services at some points.

One good aspect of this business is that there is not much competition in the business; so it’s definite that 40% of the customers close to where you are will be coming to you.

50 Businesses to do in Nigeria with 100K,  80K, 50K, 30K

Social Media Manager

This is one of the most techy of our businesses to do in Nigeria with 100K, 80K, 50K, 30K. If you’re so much in love with social media and you know the idea of promoting and growing social media presence, then this business is for you. You’re contacted to manage and promote social media accounts to be paid a good amount. It’s profitable, pleasing and satisfying.


Are you in Southern Nigeria or the Middle belt of Nigeria? Piggery is a very good cheap business for you. If you have an empty room in your compound, you should consider rearing pigs. This business is cheap and less risky to run. Foreign pigs grow and breed so fast; they eat almost anything. This business is very profitable.


This is one the most valuable skill in this present time. If you have good knowledge of this, you’ll make a lot of money writing ad copies for people. The great thing about this business is that you can be Nigeria and be writing ad copies for people in America or Canada or the UK. They are sort after and well paid.

You need to learn and master this skill to be able to compete with other copywriters around the world and to be able to get jobs.

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Fish Farming

This is finally our 5oth among our businesses to do in Nigeria with less than 100,000 naira. It is not the least, though. For this business, you need knowledge of fish farming, and it’s something you can start at your backyard. If there is an old tank you can find anywhere close to your house, patch it up and use it.

You can use 80,000 naira to do this business, although it cannot afford a lot of fishes. The feed you can make it manually at home. Treat the fishes once in a while and be sure to protect it against theft. When it is ready for sale, it’s quite profitable.


These businesses are what you can easily do and make a good amount of money. It is all up to your determination and what you intend to achieve. Most of these businesses are highly profitable and you won’t regret it if you start any of them. They are definitely going to change your financial story and life.

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