20 Small Profitable Business to do in Canada, Denmark, Finland in the Next Year

20 Small Profitable Business to do in Canada, Denmark, Finland in the Next Year

Businesses to do in Canada, Denmark and Finland

This year is about to come to a close, the big question is what are the small profitable business you can do in Canada, Denmark, Finland in the next year?

What business can you start with a little amount of money and make considerable profit? This year wasn’t really a good year and you wouldn’t want next year to be the same. It’s true, no one expected the pandemic, the financial crisis and all resulting poor economy this year, but we’ll have to prepare better for next year.

One of the ways to prepare for a better next year is planning to start a business and make money. There are profitable small business you can do in Canada, Demark, Finland in next year. The decision is up to you to make a choice and select one to pursue and make ready money.

In this post, we’ll be giving you a great list of small profitable business you can do in our focus countries of Canada, Denmark and Finland. Do you live in these countries or you’re planning to migrate to them? This post should be for you, to guide you and lead you towards making money and sustainable income. Read it, take a decision and give us a feedback.

Small Profitable Business to do in Canada, Denmark, Finland in next year


This is on our number one. Delivery and logistics is hot cake all around the world. There are many businesses sending items to their customers without the customers coming to their stores and warehouses. This is where delivery and logistics comes in to fill in that gap of supply to customers of a business.

Delivery and logistics has been further made more juicy with the outbreak of Coronavirus. Many business no longer accept the presence of many of their customers in their stores and warehouses. You only have to make an order through online or call.

To start with this, you can get a motorcycle or a bicycle or a car. Any of them can serve and more than one can as well be used. Speak to your family an friends about your new business. Contact the businesses around you in case any of them will be needing delivery. Give a reasonable price for your delivery service.

Income: In Canada, you can make up to $5,000 monthly with this business.

Pet Care and Pet Food Production

This is the second business in our small profitable business to do in Canada, Denmark and Finland in next year. This business is easy to start and clients for it are rampant in your targeted location. Pets are taking over the places of kids in most home as most couples find it difficult having kids.

These pets are to be taken care for and this is where you step in. You advertise your services as a pet care personnel to people in your neighborhood. While they are away, you take care of their pets, feed them and have a walk with them. Alongside pet care, you can make good pet food and advertise it to your clients as well.

This is a good profitable business.

Income: In Canada, Denmark and Finland, you can make up to $5,000 monthly with this business.

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Book Sales

People love reading and would go to any length to get the latest book they don’t have in their personal library. Of course, there are bookshops everywhere, but before they go to bookshops, you can go to them. You tell them that you have good recent books you would love to sell to them at a discount.

These people will buy your books. All you have to do is get the books they want, the latest one they may have not seen anywhere, market and sell these books to them. They will buy. You can also get a space in front of your home or in a busy location to sell these books, and they’d move. Books are profitable commodities.

Income: You can make up to $3,000 monthly with this business.


Do you have a car? Is this car sitting idle in your garage gathering parking fees? Why don’t you take time and register as an available driver on Uber and Bolt platform?

You have a car, then you can utilize it by registering as a driver on Uber and Bolt platforms. There is no money needed for registration. All you have to do is register your car, your location and your ability to deliver driving service when you’re needed.

Income: As an Uber or Bolt driver, you can make up to $5,000 monthly.

Sale of Chocolates and Candies

This is an enticing business among our small profitable business to do in Canada, Denmark, Finland in next year. It is a business you can do if your neigborhood has a lot of kids, teenagers and young adults. Some older adults too love chocolates.

Choose a good location, maybe close to a school, a church or a park. Get an attractive stand and be jovial. Chocolates and candies are fast moving commodities. You can make a lot of money selling them.

Income: You can make up to $4,000 monthly selling these.

Home and Office Cleaning

Are you good at cleaning and organizing a home and an office? Then this is the right business for you. This is important especially with homes. A lot of people are working without having time to clean and arrange their homes.

So, you advertise your services in your area to people who would be needing your service. Give them your service at a reasonable price and talk to them about advertising your service to friends and family.

Income: With this business, you’ll make up to $3,000 monthly

Yard Sale of Thrifts and Vintages

You can also go around asking people if they have properties and clothes they’d love to sell to you for resale. The easiest way to do this business is starting with the people in your neighborhood, talking to them about your business and buying from them.

When you buy thrifts and vintages from people, you organize a yard sale, promote the yard sale and be certain a large number of people attend. You will make great sales and maximum profit. Then you go around buying and reselling.

Income: In this business, you should make an average of $4,000 monthly.

Web and App Designing

This is one of the cheapest business to start in our small profitable business to do in Canada, Denmark, Finland in next year. It’s a business you can start with just a working laptop and a smart phone. You’ve to learn the skills first before getting into it.

If you’re done learning the skill of web and app designing, then you can search for gigs online or inform your family and friends about it. This is a business you can do from home, and make a good amount of income from it.

Income: When clients in need of websites and applications for their businesses begin to contact you for the jobs they have, you’ll be making up to $5,000 monthly.

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Baby Sitting

A lot of couples are working their heads off to be able to provide for their families. They don’t have time for themselves or their kids. When they are off to work, you can stand in on their behalf and take care of their kids.

Lovers of kids, this is a great business to pursue. To make it easier, more enticing and profitable for you, you can turn your house to a daycare or baby sitting house. Make it comfortable and put all the necessary steps in place to ensure the safety of the kids. Talk to parents, make them trust you and be good with kids.

Income: Having a daycare or a baby sitting house can earn you up to of $2,500 monthly.

Fashion Designing

Do you love clothes and can make great fashionable items any time and any day? Then, this business is great for you. People love to look good and would go the extra mile to have the dazzling look.

You can start this business by learning the act of fashion designing and to the very best. When you’re done learning it, you can advertise your fashion designing skill to friends, family and neighbors. You get a sowing machine and work from home.

Income: This business can generate up to $5,000 monthly.

Care for the Elderly

This is a great small profitable business to do in Canada, Denmark, Finland in next year. These countries have a large old population. Most working adults work so hard that they cannot take care of their aged parents, it’s here you step in to do the work.

You can choose to be going to their homes to care for them or get an apartment or house to take them in and take care of them. You may feel this business is saturated, but it’s not. Every day, working adults retire from, active service and would love someone to be around and take care of them.

Income: You’ll be sure of making $3,000 monthly with this business.


Are you the kind of person who has a large house with a large number of unused rooms? Or you have a full flat and you use only a single room? Do you know you can rent those other rooms out and make good money from the rent?

If you also have a large compound in a busy area, you can rent a space to someone doing business or for events. You charge a reasonable amount for rent to enable the renter recommend your property to other people. It’s a great source of income.

Income: You can make $3,000 monthly from this business.

Hot Dogs, Sausage Rolls and Doughnut

This is a fast turning business in our small profitable business to do in Canada, Denmark, Finland in next year. Most people love hot dogs and doughnuts that they’ll go any length to lay their hands on them. They’ll love to get it anywhere and enjoy it.

You may think that choosing this business may be hard for you as there are other large businesses that sell hot dogs and doughnuts. However, this business is not saturated, and you’ll sell as people may not have the patience to be going to large stores to get what they need.

You just have to secure a space or prepare it from home and go around marketing it to people. You’ll make great sales.

Income: This business will give you an average of $4,000 monthly.

Translator/Language Instructor

You’re in Canada, Denmark and Finland, there are many people, publishing houses and companies in need of translators and language instructors. In Canada, there are people who would love to understand and speak French and Spanish. For Denmark and Finland, there are a lot of people who want to understand and speak English.

You’ve to check the interest of the people around you and what language they want their books translated into or what language they want to understand and speak. Sell your yourself and your expertise to them. You’ll get clients and jobs to do.

Income: Getting good clients will give you up to $3,000 monthly.


You can start up a fast food joint easily around you and it will sell. People love eating, and some people love eating out. Others don’t have time to cook their own meals, so they resort to food they can get from restaurants and fast food joints.

To do this business, you should know how to cook. Do a market research of the location and what are the meals they love to take. Prepare these meals well and do proper research. They’ll sell.

Income: This business can give you $5,000 monthly.

Independent Sales Person

This has a solid place in our small profitable business to do in Canada, Denmark, Finland in next year. This one, you don’t have to be the owner of the business. However, you are part and parcel of the business as you’ll part of the sales team of a company.

This is a situation where a company contacts you to be part of her sales team. You sell their products and you’re paid according to how much sales you make. They pay you with percentage of the sales you make. It may be 2%, 5%, 10% or even as high as 20%.

You have to discuss it well with them to make sure you’re not cheated and that it is favorable to you.

Income: This will give you $5,000 monthly depending on how fast you make sales.


Some working adults don’t have time to do their own laundry. They’re always in need of someone who will help them out in doing their laundry. This is where you step in.

You offer your service as a laundry gentleman or lady to them at a good price. They’ll give you their clothes to take care of. You wash, starch and iron them to a perfect state. They’ll recommend you to others who will be in need of your services.

This business is profitable and it’s the type you can do from home.

Income: You can make $3,000 monthly doing this business.



Do you have skills like content writing, SEO optimization, graphic designing, computing, programming, data analysis? Do you know you can get some jobs from the comfort of your home and computer?

What you have to do is just to sign up on freelancing platforms and bid for the jobs they post there. These jobs are called gigs. Carry out the jobs given to you in a good way and make your stars and clients’ reviews outstanding.

The more you deliver great jobs the more you’ll be contacted for more jobs.

Income: This business can generate $4,000 monthly for you.

These are some Popular Freelancing Sites to get Jobs







This is one of the cheapest business to do in our small profitable business to do in Canada, Denmark, Finland. You have the knowledge of a digital marketer or a civil engineer or even as a counsellor? Then you can leverage on it and open a consultancy business.

People would always need the services of a consultant to guide them properly in anything they do, and this is where you step in. You talk to people about your knowledge, giving them tips and know how, you’ll always be contacted.

Income: You can make $4,000 monthly on average with this business.


You’d have to make the choice of having a good next year now. You cannot let problems that damaged this year and the outcome to affect your plans for next year. You set your heart to it and make the right decisions towards making a good amount of money in next year, becoming economically sustainable and catering for your immediate needs.

Thank you.

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