5 Biggest Markets in Enugu State


Enugu State has a lot of markets in it. Some of these markets are rural markets, and others are urban markets. The big markets in the state are in the urban and rural areas. In this post, we’ll be examining the 5 biggest markets in Enugu State.

5 Biggest Markets in Enugu State


1. Ogbete Main Market

Ogbete Main Market in Enugu City of Enugu State is the biggest market in Enugu State. It is a market known for the sale and distribution of foreign and locally made goods and products. At the heart of Enugu City, you can get clothes, electronics, books, plastic, foodstuffs, and so many other things from there. It has a lot of shops, and covers a wide space.

2. Ogige Main Market


Ogige Main Market is the second largest market in Enugu State. Ogige Main Market is situated at the heart of Nsukka City. Here, you can get a wide range of products and goods, from clothes to electronics to plastic to foodstuffs and so on. This market serves the need and economy of Nsukka City and Nsukka zone, and as far as some parts of Kogi, Benue, and Anambra States.

3. New Market


New Market is the third largest market in Enugu State. It is a version of the Ogbete Main Market, only that it is smaller in size. While Ogbete is prominent for finished products of all kinds, New Market is more of foodstuffs and clothes markets. This market caters for the new areas of Enugu like Trans Ekulu, Ńgwọ, Abakpa, Centenary, and other estates along this axis.

New Market is located close to GRA area of Enugu State, and along Enugu-Onitsha expressway.

4. Gariki Market


Gariki Market is the fourth largest market in Enugu State. It is located in the Gariki, Awkunanaw area of Enugu. It caters for this axis and is at the south-end of Enugu City. Just like New Market, it is mostly foodstuffs that are sold in this market.

5. Obollo-Afor Main Market


Obollo-Afor Main Market is the fifth largest market in Enugu State. It is located at Obollo-Afor which is at the border of Enugu State and Benue State, the border of the Southern and Northern Nigeria. The market is along the A3 Federal Expressway connecting Enugu to Makurdi and the rest of the North. Customers and traders from the North usually come to the market for trade.

Obollo-Afor Main Market is mostly full and trades fully during Afọr market days. However, there are trading activities every day. It is known mostly for the sale of foodstuffs.



These are the 5 biggest markets in Enugu State. You can locate any of them, and pay them a visit. In these markets, you can get various commodities at cheap prices.

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