5 Best Profitable Side Hustles to Start in Nigeria


You are working in Nigeria; you are very engaged in this work, and you want to make extra-income for yourself to augment for the poor salary? There are things you can actually do to make money as side hustles that you might not know. In this post, we’ll be examining 5 best profitable side hustles to start in Nigeria.

These hustles or businesses are what you can do at ease with the combination of your job. Now, take a look at these side hustles and side businesses.

5 Best Profitable Side Hustles to Start in Nigeria


1. Selling Fashion Items


People who work daily and spend majority of their time in a corporate or non-corporate work environment hardly have time for shopping for their wears, shoes, and other fashion items. You should know that these are easy stuffs you can buy, market, and sell it to your colleagues and other people in the office. Buy the right fashion items they want, move along to their taste, and market it properly to them to buy.

In addition, you can also sell in a public and busy location shortly after the close of work. It’s all business.

2. Vegetables Backyard Garden


Starting vegetables backyard garden should be on top of your list if you have a large compound where you live or a land closeby. You can start it up and tend it in the evenings and mornings, depending on how stressful your work is. Cultivate profitable vegetable crops like pepper, tomato, ugu, scent leaves, uziza, okro, and so on.

Cultivating crops like okro and pepper in a large quantity in sacks or just land in your area means you’ll harvest it for months and make cool money for yourself.

3. Freelancing


Freelancing is also another cool side hustle in Nigeria that won’t distract your job. You can get freelancing jobs by signing on to Nigerian and Foreign freelancing platforms like Upwork, Fiverr, and so on. You bid for jobs constantly at your free time, optimize your profile, and you are good to go.

In addition, through words of mouth and talking to family and friends online and offline, you can also get clients who you can run freelancing services for like writing, graphic designing, web designing, music writing, and so on.

4. Dropshipping Fast Selling Items


Dropping fast selling items is another great side hustle. This means you sell fast moving items online for someone else while collecting your profit. You market the items to customers who buy from you, and the seller who has the products send to the buyers. When sold, you collect your share, and hand the rest over to the seller.

This is a good way to make pure cash with no stress.

5. POS/Data & Airtime Subscription


POS/data and airtime subscription is also another good way to earn money through side hustle. You need to combine all of these to be able to make a substantial amount from the business. There are chances you can do it from your office or at home. It moves readily.



These are 5 best profitable side hustles to start in Nigeria. They are profitable according to their different levels. You can make great profits and money from all of them.

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