Why do Products Need Advertising?


Advertising is a very important part of a business. It is what brings in sales and clients for business. I consider it the most important aspect of business. Without sales and profit, most businesses would fold up.

In simple terms, we can say that advertising is part of sales and marketing. Thus, it is very vital in business. It is not only the vital part of a business; it is also the heart of a business.

Why do Products Need Advertising?

There are many reasons why the products of a business need advertising. I will be presenting some of the reasons in chronological order. This chronological order is built in line with sales funnels most businesses follow.

These funnels are stages one must follow in advertising a product.

1. Awareness

Advertising is important and needed to create awareness about a new product. If there is a new product added to the market, it is through advertising people get to become aware of such an existing product. This is the first step and duty of advertising.

2. Inform

Advertising is also done to inform the market about a product. If the customers and market become aware of a product, the next stage is to inform them of the qualities and features of these products. Advertising fulfills this role very well.

3. Persuade

The next step is persuasion. Advertising assists in persuading customers to buy the product. This is done by emphasizing the features and benefits of the products, and what the customers would be missing if they don’t buy. Advertising can even compare it with other products in the market and why it is better, although in code language.

4. Sales

The persuasion would lead to sales. Of course, it is not everyone who sees the ad that buys the products, this is why there is a funnel. The advertisers would hold the statistics of the sales made, and weigh them to see how they can be improved to capture more buyers. Sales are the most important aspect of advertising. When there are poor sales after intense advertising, the advertising can be considered a flop.

5. Reiterate

Advertising can also be done to remind customers or viewers of the existence of the products. This is to enable them to buy more or remain loyal customers of the company.

6. Branding

The advertising process can also be done for branding purposes. In this one, the sales are not considered. This one is just for people to know the brand and have it registered in their minds.

This one is a long process of advertising and yields the most. It is like hypnotizing people. They have your brand ingrained in their minds and can do anything to have your products in their hands.

These are the reasons why products need advertising.

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