2023 Elections: Who are the Elites supporting for the 2023 Presidential Election?


On 15th November, Bola Ahmed Tinubu, former Lagos State Governor, flagged off his campaign in Jos, and a lot of dignatries were there. Over 70 airplanes landed in Jos airport that day. The question now is who are the elites supporting for the 2023 presidential election?

A northern professor released a stat around June/July, at the time when parties had held their presidential primaries, and had produced their presidential candidates. The top contenders are Bola Tinubu of the APC, Atiku Abubakar of the PDP, Peter Obi of the LP, and Rabiu Kwankwanso of the NNPP. Having been presented with these major contenders, the professor gave a verdict on the support base of the candidates.

He wrote that Bola Ahmed Tinubu of the APC has the support of 60% of the elites across the states in the country and different ethnic groups. Having entrenched himself with this economic class, being one of them, and lending help to a good number of them, it is natural that they are closer to him than the other candidates. Moreover, serving as Lagos State Governor from 1999 to 2007, the economic capital of Nigeria, and improving ease of doing business in the state, it connected him to a lot of them.

Tinubu’s Foray into Nigerian Politics and the Elite Class

Tinubu’s foray into politics and the elite class started with his support and link to Moshood Abiola. He was a very close friend of the late politician, and was very involved in the 1993 National Elections. Tinubu, himself, contested to be a Senator in the elections, which he won.

He was also heavily involved in NADECO, whose members would go on to be a major part of the civilian government and elites in Nigeria as from 1999. Thus, it is natural that he mingles well with other elites, and has close ties and network all around the country.

Who are the Elites Supporting for 2023 Presidential Election? The Reasons …

In 2022, a report appeared where Aliko Dangote thanked Tinubu and Lagos State for making it possible for him to build one of biggest refineries in the world in Lagos. According to Dangote, without this, the project won’t have been possible in Lagos. Just like Dangote, there are many elites, who have words of goodwill for Tinubu.

It will be difficult for them to abandon him regardless of whatever points the opposition parties hold against him. Aside from their words of goodwill, a good number of them believe Tinubu is the right man for the country at the moment. This is due to Tinubu’s success story in Lagos, and how well Lagos has been performing since 1999. They also state this in relation to Tinubu’s success in politics and business. To them, he knows the basics of business development, governance and administration.

There is also the point that Tinubu will protect their interest more than other candidates. There are thoughts that he’d do well to create a good business environment. There are also thoughts that he knows how to do business and give contracts to the right people. Thus, most elites want their interest covered just like other Nigerians in other economic classes.

In addition to that, Tinubu has the largest network of high politicians among the presidential candidates. He has this across all divides, states, ethnic groups, but most likely, among his own ethnic group. From 1999, he built a strong powerful force in South West in business and politics.

Therefore, you don’t have to be surprised that over 70 airplanes landed in Jos during the flag off of Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s campaign. 85% of these airplanes were private jets.


These are the reasons why a majority of Nigerian elites support him. There are also other reasons, which we cannot mention here. It’s true that as an average Nigerian or running an SME or MSME, the idea of a Tinubu presidency is a no-no for you. However, the elites don’t see it as so.

Now, you know who the elites are supporting for the 2023 presidential election?