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10 Most Developed and Beautiful Cities in Igboland


Igboland is a very crowded area in Nigeria occupied by mainly by the Igbo speaking tribe. It is located around the Lower Niger River, being on the West and East side of the river. In this post, we’ll be looking at this area, and presenting the 10 most developed and beautiful cities in Igboland.

Regardless that the Igbo people are prosperous, and have managed to build great wealth for themselves that everywhere in Igboland since developed. You should know that there are still other places that are more developed and beautiful.

In this article, we’ll take a look at some of these places.

10 Most Developed and Beautiful Cities in Igboland

1. Enugu

Enugu was the former capital of the whole Eastern region comprising of Enugu, Anambra, Imo, Ebonyi, Abia, Cross River, Rivers, and Bayelsa States. It is very well developed, hilly, and serene. The fascinating thing about this city is its serenity, orderliness, greenness, and exotic lifestyle.

2. Owerri

This city is the leisure capital of Igboland. It is where you’d find all types of hotels, night clubs, bar, and many more. There are lots of shopping malls and leisure points. It is a place you go for relaxation and fun. It is very developed. It is greenery. It is serene. Although, you should know that this city is below Enugu is serenity and greenness. However, the roads here are wider, and there is ease of traffic..

3. Onitsha

This city siting on the bank of River Niger is very developed, although it lacks the class and beauty of Enugu. It is a commercial city so everywhere seems to be occupied by markets and industries. It is here you’d find the popular Onitsha Main Market, the biggest market in West Africa. What it lacks in serenity, greenness, and beauty, it gets it in prosperity and business growth. It’s a very rugged city.

4. Aba

This city is in the southern part of Igboland, and very close to Port Harcourt. It is a large industrial and commercial area. Just like Onitsha, you won’t find serenity, beauty, or greenness here. However, you’ll sure find booming industries, commerce, and trade. This area is very developed but not that beautiful.

5. Asaba

This is a neighboring city to Onitsha. It sits on the Western Bank of the River Niger. It is the capital of Delta State, and one of the first places to receive Western administrators in Nigeria. It is beautiful to a great extent with exotic locations, hotels, and all. It is fine but not as greenery and serene like Enugu. It is well developed.

6. Abakiliki

This is the capital city of Ebonyi State. It has grown and developed rapidly in the last few years. The government of the state has put in lots of infrastructure in the city like roads, flyovers, malls, ultra-modern markets, and all. The roads are widely spaced. It is a place you go to enjoy good social amenities, and the comfort of a fast developing city. It is also the center of trade of agricultural products like cassava, palm oil, yam, rice, and so on.

7. Awka

This is the capital city of Anambra State is along the main road leading to Onitsha from Enugu. It is a fast developing city. It is not well-planned like Onitsha, Owerri, and Enugu; however, it is more serene than Onitsha. You’d enjoy this city for its hotels, student population, and nightlife. You should also know that Awka was the centre of iron smelting in the Pre-colonial era.

8. Umuahia

This is a the capital city of Abia State. It is developed to some extent. It is more of an administrative center. It is close to Aba and Enugu. It is the center of trade of some agricultural products like cassava and palm oil.

9. Nnewi

This city is in southern part of Anambra State. It is a city powered by indigenous industrialization. It is a mini-Onitsha as it is made up more of industries and businesses. It is a rugged city, and the best place to buy automobiles and automobiles’ spareparts.

10. Nsukka

This city is in northernmost part of the Igboland. It is more of an academic and agricultural city. It is the host of the popular iconic University of Nigeria. It is fast developing, serene, and moderately looking. The recent Enugu State Government gave the city a good facelift. It is also the center of the trade of agricultural products like cassava, palm oil, pepper, tomatoes, and others.


The 10 most developed cities in Igboland have been mentioned so far. You should know that aside from the cities in this list, there are also other developed towns. It is simply that these cities are great and more developed than the others