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What is Web 3.0? What’s in it for Africans and Nigerians? (How do I make Money Online in the Future)

How do I make Money Online in the Future?

How do I make money online in the future should be a prominent question in your mind because the internet world would keep advancing, and to stay on track and continuously cash out from this wonderful phenomenon is to move along with the time and tide. The internet and online world is about to move away from the standard we use to know it now to a higher standard. Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook’s CEO, announced recently that his Facebook company would become META, and the main point of the change is that interaction and usage of the platform would be more of visual.

In 2020, there was also the case of the introduction of 5G fast internet option that would make the use of internet faster, and the interaction and use of websites and applications better. The internet is faster, more businesses are getting online, and better opportunities are coming in online. Then, as a young man or any one of any age, you should be bothered of how to get in on this.

The top questions on your mind should be how do I make money online in the future or how do I get into future opportunities online as the internet advances?

Apart from the issue of 5G, and the 6G or higher ones that are already in the works, there is also the idea of Web 3.0 which is already partly here. Like 5G, Web 3.0 is here to bring in faster internet, and enable the diversified use of the internet. With Web 3.0 there’s better use of video-enabled apps, search engines and the internet in general would become faster, and a lot of heavier actions can be done online.

So, Web 3.0 will be important for you as internet users, especially if you’re an African and a Nigerian. However, before we get into details how you would benefit from this, you should understand what it is.

What is Web 3.0?

The introduction of the computer system or archaic methods of computing came long before the discovery of the internet. The internet was discovered by intensive research of whom the most recognized researcher to have discovered it is Tim Berners-Lee. At the point of the discovery of the internet around 1990, Web 1.0 was the available one and it loaded just static pages without offering the users flexibility and ease of use, the was little or no use of images and other illustrations.

Around 2001, works were already ongoing on how the internet could be developed better as Web 1.0 wasn’t effective enough. Thus, Web 2.0 was being planned and released fully in 2006. This internet system is the one we currently use, and it is faster, better, loads images and videos, offers flexibility, and gives better use features to the users.

However, Web 2.0 is adjudged not efficient enough as it is more of human-based internet and humans’ input to the system can be so subjective. AI (Artificial Intelligence) is the future, and there’s already works to upgrade the internet from human-based interaction and coordination to artificial intelligence. Thus, search engines, apps, websites and all attributes of the internet would become smarter and better. Aside from that, Web 3.0 would run on blockchain technology and won’t let it be controlled by few capitalist individuals as they did control Web 1.0 and Web 2.0. Thus, this internet system would be largely anonymous in nature.

Literally, what it means is that bots would crawl on the information released to search engines and know right away what the information talks about without picking keywords. Additionally, the internet would save up similar information you’re searching for and bring it up immediately you begin looking for them. Smarter, better, more efficient internet.

What are the Features of Web 3.0?

  • Omnipresent: Web 3.0 would be so efficient that it would be faster in assessing information submitted to the internet. The artificial intelligence would be super-capable that it would be in many areas at the same time to sieve out the right information for the users without wasting time. What this means is that indexing of sites, social media and all other platforms would be faster.
  • Semantic-enabled: This internet system would be so good that by the bots crawling through your sites, they should be able to know what your site is talking about. Unlike the Web 2.0 that is used now, the Web 3.0 isn’t programmed and supervised by humans to rank sites for users through keywords. Google and other search engines are already becoming smarter in this regard.
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI): This internet system would be using mainly AI, and this is the reason we encourage you to consider learning AI as it is the future.
  • Anonymity: Web 3.0 would run on blockchain technology, enabling it to avoid being controlled by few individuals like they did with the earlier internet systems. Thus as a site or app owner, content creator or regular internet user, you have more leverage and control over your use of the internet. There would be little or no restrictions of use.
  • 3D Graphics: This internet system would give better avenue or enhanced platform for image and video posters as there would be better visual-enabled features than  that of Web 2.0

How do an African and a Nigerian prepare for Web 3.0 and earn from it? 

How do I make money online in the future shouldn’t be too much of a hurry if you know how you can capitalize on the features of the coming Web 3.0 to earn good income online. Most Africans and Nigerians don’t know about the Web 3.0 at the moment but it’s coming with a bang. 5G created controversy in the past, and if Web 3.0 is well known, it might bring up its own controversy; however, ignore these controversies and know how to use them to earn good income.

You can capitalize on this internet system to be a content creator, game developer, application and website developer, site owner and everything that’s about business and creativity on the internet. While becoming any of these, work with the features of Web 3.0 in mind and get good income. This way, you enter early and cash out while it’s still not largely understood by a lot of people.

With the talks of Metaverse and alternate reality, we encourage you to get into AI and content creation through videos. Video content creators and AI would definitely earn it big in this coming internet system. The earlier the better because it is stated that between 2022 – 2030, this internet system would be firmly and fully established. Of course, the early birds would earn better.

Furthermore, since it’s in a large way anonymous in nature and run on blockchain technology, as someone who has a business online, you have more leverage to what you post, how you earn and how you control your site, app and other issues on net.


Metaverse and alternate reality would be the hallmark of the new internet system. Furthermore, content creators, app and website owners and a whole lot of other people working on the internet would have to be smarter and work harder to earn well. If you’re well positioned before the final phasing out of the current Web 2.0 to be replaced by the 3.0, your how do I make money online in the future question has been answered then.

Facebook (now META), Amazon, Google (parent company Alphabet) and some other big tech companies are already working on making their platforms adapt to this new internet system.

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