Top 5 Richest Igbo Musicians in Nigeria


Throughout the history of Nigeria, the Igbo ethnic group has always had musicians. These musicians have been doing well for themselves. In this post, we’ll be examining the current topic of top 5 richest Igbo musicians in Nigeria.

Now, let us take a look at these current richest Igbo musicians in Nigeria.

Top 5 Richest Igbo Musicians in Nigeria


1. Don Jazzy


Don Jazzy, who hails from Delta State, is more of a producer than a musician. However, he is also a musician because he sings and acts as a back up. He hasn’t released his own tracks, though.

Don Jazzy came into Nigerian music scene with D’Banj as they formed the now defunct Mo’hit Music group. He was primarily a producer, and till presently he is the producer and CEO of Marvins Music Group. He is the most popular and one of the richest music producer and music group owner.

Don Jazzy is worth around $8 million.


2. KCee


KCee is a famous Nigerian hip-hop singer who has had couple of hits which include Limpopo, Pull Over, Ojapiano, and Cultural Praise. He makes a lot of money from people streaming and listening to his songs online, and he also manages and control 5-Star entertainment. KCee also has businesses he runs with his brother.

Due to how long KCee has been in the business of music-making, singing, and control of the whole stuff. It can be said that KCee is worth around $6.5 million.

3. Flavour


Flavour has been in Nigerian music scene since 2005 with his release of the rave song, “N’Abania.” He has edged or made a name for himself in the Igbo highlife music scene and sector, creating a long-lasting brand for himself.

Flavour is a great performer as well. Due to how endearing his songs are, he is on top choice of performers usually engaged in Igboland and Nigeria as a whole. There are also a lot of songs from him doing well online and offline in several countries around the world.

Flavour is worth around $5 million.

4. PSquare


PSquare aren’t active as they used to be in the past. PSquare, a group made of two Okoye twins–Peter and Paul, have made a name for themselves. They entered Nigerian music scene since 2002, and went on to be one of the most popular music group around the world. They released several hits that took the world by storm.

Though, they do not sing, produce, or perform like before, and their popularity have waned a little bit, they are still doing very well financially. Their old songs continue to bring in money for them, they perform sometimes, and they also have assets and businesses that bring in money for them.

PSquare have a combined networth around $3.5 million.

5. Phyno


Phyno is one of the most popular rappers in Nigeria, and he made a mark for himself by rapping in Igbo. He produced and wrote a lot of his own songs that went on to be hit nationally and internationally. He has since been eating from these his hits.

Phyno came into the Nigerian Music scene around 2012 and below from the city of Enugu with his music style and mixture of Nigerian hip-hop and Igbo highlife. Phyno’s networth is around $2 million.



This is it on the top 5 richest Igbo musicians in Nigeria. This post is an opportunity for you to get to know the Igbo musicians leading in wealth in Igboland.

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