Tony Elumelu’s Piece of Advice to Passing Out Corp Members in 2023


Tony Elumelu, a former CEO of United Bank of Africa, still a major shareholder, took to his social media pages to advise passing out corp members in February, 2023. Using his own experience and pictures he took at NYSC Camp, Sokoto, in the 1980s, he advises the passing out corp members.

Tony Elumelu’s Piece of Advice to Passing Out Corp Members in 2023

He writes that the passing out corp members should have a plan, a dream, some aspirations, and stick to them. They should believe in these aspirations strongly, and follow them dutifully. It is when this is done that greatness can be achieved.

Tony Elumelu writes about his NYSC experience. At a point, he was confused, and he didn’t know what to do. However, his mind began to clear as he rounded off his service year. First of all, he obtained his master’s degree certificate.

Then, when vacancies were announed at All States Trust Bank with strict requirement for 2:1 degree certificate, he applied. It is worthy to note that he applied with his 2:2 certificate regardless of the strict requirement. He believed in himself. He had always admired the banking sector, and hoped to be a banker himself.

This pushed him to apply for the job. He didn’t allow the limitations of his certificate stop him. Eventually, he got the job.

Getting the job, he wanted to prove himself. He worked hard. He learned. He pushed. His hard work, smartness, and several inputs in the job, were rewarded gradually.

Tony Elumelu rose through the ranks of the bank till he became a major shareholder and the CEO of the bank renamed to United Bank of Africa (UBA).

His Verdict

As a young person, young graduate, and many more, you should believe in yourself and have your dream. Stay faithful to this dream. Work hard. Presevere. Don’t give up. You’ll come up or out on top.

Tony Elumelu sits on different multinational corporations’ boards. He is a major shareholder in a wide range of profitable companies. He is the chief facilitator of one of Africa’s largest entrepreneurship funds, Tony Elumelu Foundation.

What is the Net Worth of Tony Elumelu?

The estimated net worth of Tony Elumelu is over $850 million.