The Salary Structure of Medical Doctors in Nigeria


There is this understanding in Nigeria that medical doctors are well-paid, and they don’t look for jobs. This is the reason why many young people seeking admission into the university want to be doctors. Are doctors really well-paid? In this post, we’ll be looking at the salary structure of medical doctors in Nigeria.

The Salary Structure of Medical Doctors in Nigeria

There are different grades of doctors employed in the hospital. The more experienced you are as a doctor, the more you are paid. Therefore, let us look at the different grades and the type of payment.

1. Housemanship Doctors (Interns)

These doctors are fresh out of medical school. They are like the interns. They are supposed to go for one year housemanship before they go for their NYSC. They are paid 100K naira to 250K depending on the hospital and its location. While looking for where to do your housemanship as doctor, you should know that government hospitals and teaching hospitals pay more.

Public can pay from 120K to 180K, while private pays as low as 80K while high private hospitals pay more than 200K.

2. NYSC Doctors

These ones are the least paid even though they have served their housemanship. Since NYSC program is considered as a service to the nation, they are paid less than they are worth. The pay for NYSC Doctors start from 30K to 150K depending on the hospital and firm. You should know that there is also NYSC allawee coming in.

3. Medical Officer and Resident Doctors

This is the rank after NYSC. Hospitals pay the doctors at this level between 100K to 200K. An average private hospital pays 100K, while government pays higher, from 120K.

4. Registrar Doctors

This is a higher level to Medical Officers. They must have had over 5 years experience as doctors. They are paid between 150K to 350K.
The junior registrar gets paid from 150K to 250K. The senior registrar gets paid from 250K to 350K.

Private hospital registrars are paid from 150K to 300K depending on the hospital.

5. Consultant Doctors

These ones are highly experienced doctors of over 15 years. They are well-paid, especially in public hospitals. They are paid in the range of 400K to 700K.


This post has effectively presented facts about the salary structure of medical doctors in Nigeria. You can see that doctors are paid well in Nigeria compared to other professions. In addition, most hospitals also provide accomodations. Some provide feeding. If you work for firms, you also get to be paid well.

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