The Best and Cheapest Places to Buy Land in Nigeria


It is not a piece of news and information that one of the ways to safeguard your money against depreciation is by buying land. Thus, when you have a good amount of money as savings or in your bank, you should consider buying a land as an asset and a means of safeguard. In this post, we’ll be looking at the best and cheapest places to buy land in Nigeria.

In writing this, we are considering how valuable the land you should buy is, the location, and what it will take to purchase the land. After reading this, you should know and get to know that this guide is right. Now, let’s take a look at the topic as we list these areas and places.

The Best and Cheapest Places to Buy Land in Nigeria

All the places we’ll mention here are fast developing areas with good prospects.

1. Asaba

Asaba is a middle-income Nigerians city that is fast turning into a high-income city with the rate of growth in there. You are to be rest assured that on getting your land in any of the outskirts of the city, the value will rise to over 100% in less than 4 years. Asaba is growing and expanding massively.

Buying a land here isn’t a wrong investment decision.

2. Enugu

Enugu is also another fast developing city. It is real estate friendly, and it is expanding in population and wealth. It is a city you should consider to buy a cheap land in one of the outskirts or even main town and keep. You are assured of a 100% increase in the value of land in less than 4 years.

3. Lagos

You can always get cheap land in Lagos. However, you won’t get these cheap lands in the main city, you’ll have to go to the outskirts. Nonetheless, the outskirts are still good places you can recover your money if you purchase land here.

For instance, you can buy land in areas like fast-developing places like Epe. Places like Epe, your land can increase in value to about 100% in about 3 years.

4. Abuja

Abuja is also another area you can get land for cheap rate and with fast turnover rate. Abuja is the capital city of Nigeria, and even though everywhere might look developed and expensive, there are still very affordable places in the city especially the outskirts.

For Abuja, you are very sure that any land you have in the city will increase in value at a tremendous rate within a short time. If you want to buy any land here, you should buy the one that has faster rate of developing within a short time.

5. Uyo

Uyo is also another fast developing city in Nigeria, and it is set to have a working harbour and port in the nearest future. Due to this, there is set to be an astronomical growth of this city. So, any land you buy here will increase in value by around 100%.

The good part of the city is that lands are still very much cheap here. So, you can get cheap lands to buy and keep to resell later or build. In less than five years, the worth of the land you bought would have increased a lot.


This post has successfully examined the best and cheapest places to buy land in Nigeria. You are the one to make your choice on any of the areas. While buying, you should be careful, vigilant, and be wise with your money. You should never buy an overvalued land.

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