Starlinks: Features of Starlinks and How to Make Money from Starlinks in Nigeria

Starlinks is an internet service provider that was formally launched by Elon Musk’s SpaceX in 2022. Prior to its launching, there has been widespread publicity about it. In May, 2022, the Federal Government of Nigeria approved the company and its services in Nigeria. In this post, we’ll be examining features of Starlinks and how to make money from Starlinks in Nigeria.

Features of Starlinks

1. It comes with a set up package if dish and router. You place the dish outside your home or office, and the router in your office.

2. It can work anywhere even in the most remote areas in Nigeria.

3. It has a fast speed when compared to other internet service providers in Nigeria. As at 2023, it is faster than 50Mbps.

4. It has WiFi features that enables a group of people use it so far they scale its security details.

5. The set up package can be easily removed and moved in case someone is moving to somewhere else.

However, due to its set up package, it is hard to use in it in a mobile way. You’ll have to dislodge and rearrange to be able to use it.

6. This SpaceX’s invention offers unlimited browsing plan. Thus, when you subscribe for it, you can use the data in it for as long as you want.

7. To order, you’ll need to do so online, and pay in dollars too. Then, it’ll be delivered from the US.

8. The cost is around $600. The unlimited monthly subscription is $47. All these amounts, you’ve to pay in dollars.

How to Make Money from Starlinks in Nigeria

You can make money from Starlinks in Nigeria by this simple process we’ll be outlining below:

1. You can get the set up equipment of Starlinks.

2. You go to a crowded area of heavy internet users like university campus, middle-class estate, military barracks, and so on.

3. By simple and somewhat intensive marketing, you encourage a wide range of users to subscribe to your Starlinks.
Nigerians would love to pay 5000 naira or less monthly for unlimited browsing.

So, imagine if you set it up in a university campus and encourage 50 people to pay 5000 naira monthly. You’ll be realizing 250,000 naira monthly.

A company can also make money through this that they set it up in their company and over 100 workers use it. It saves a whole lot of money for the company.


How to Make Money from Starlinks in Nigeria is not a difficult one. You should simply know the process and all, and you’re good to go.