Affiong Williams, CEO of Reel Fruit

Reel Fruit is one of Nigeria’s fastest growing fruit producing and packaging company. It is also one of the fastest growing businesses in Nigeria. Most Nigerians hardly know about the founder, Affiong Williams. In this post, we’ll be examining the biography of Affiong Williams, CEO of Reel Fruit.

Biography of Affiong Williams, CEO of Reel Fruit

Affiong Williams hails from Cross River State. She was born on 9 March, 1986. She has been an exceptional person right from birth. She had always had the dream of being an entrepreneur. Possibly, her parents weren’t surprised when she took to entrepreneurship full-time.

Aside from the passion of being an entrepreneur, she also wanted to be a doctor. So, she enrolled to study Physiology and Psychology at the University of Witwatersrand in South Africa. It was after the study of this course that she realized she was no longer interested in pursuing a career in Medicine.

She enrolled for Business Administration program in a business school in Johannesburg, South Africa. It was while she was in this school that she realized there was a gap in fruit processing and packaging in Nigeria. While packaged dried fruits where popular in South Africa, they weren’t popular in Nigeria. She decided she would introduce it in her home country.

On her return, she started fruit processing and packaging in her apartment in Surulere in 2012. She named it Reel Fruits. The business was started with her $8,000 savings. Whatever she produced in her apartment, she marketed it all by herself. It was selling.

She expanded and produced more. Soon, she started to look for investors for her young business. The good thing was that she knew how to talk to investors and get them to buy into her idea. She was able to secure fundings over and over again, and some were over $1 million.

Affiong Williams also got taught some women the effective way of doing fruit planting and farming. By this way, she was able to give them source of livelihood, and solve to a great extent, fruit shortage and spoilage. In addition, there were more trees and plants grown to tackle climate change.

Mrs. William spends most of her time in Lagos where she runs her business. She is happily married to Tayo Oviosu, the CEO of Paga.

What is the Net Worth of Affiong Williams?

The estimated net worth of Affiong Williams is around $20 million.