Richest Men in Nsukka


This is a bugging question that people often want to know the answer: the richest men in Nsukka. In this post, we’ll be guiding you on the knowledge of this topic. We’ll presenting the wealthy men whose businesses and assets are doing well in Nsukka, especially in Nsukka town or Nsukka zone as a whole.

The criteria for selecting these men is by people doing business in Nsukka or Nsukka zone, and those who have assets in the zone, whose modes or means of income are widely known. Some of them are very popular. We’ll be updating this with time.

Now, let’s take a look at these men.

Richest Men in Nsukka


1. Chief Maduka Onyishi


Chief Maduka Onyishi is the richest man in Nsukka whose assets, businesses, and wealth is known in the zone. He started and is the CEO of Peace Mass Transit, the Maduka University and Maduka University College, and he is the chairman of some financial institutions, C & L leasing, oil and gas firm, and so on.

Chief Maduka Onyishi began his business career or journey in Nsukka with the first two buses that will later become Peace Mass Transit. From there, he grew, and got more wealthy. His businesses are still thriving in the town. Peace Mass Transit is the largest transportation company in Nigeria at the moment. He is worth around $300 million or more or less.

2. Chief Williams Agbo


Chief Williams Agbo is the second richest man in Nsukka. He is the CEO of Solive Oil, Bestie Noodles, Willis Gas, and so on. Over 70% of his businesses are in Nsukka. He started as a major distributor of beverages, beer, and drink in Nsukka before growing to enter palm kernel oil production from where he started his first factory. His business has continued to grow and expand, and he has ventured into other sectors like education, services, gas, and so on.

Chief Agbo is worth around $200 million, or more, or less.

3. Chief Emeka Mamah


Chief Emeka Mamah, the CEO of Ifesinachi Transport, IFEX, and a hotel in Nsukka, is the third richest person in Nsukka with assets, businesses, and wealth in Nsukka and Nsukka zone. He is the son of the founder of Ifesinachi Transport, Igwe Mamah, and so inherited the business and it has been growing since then.

From transport to logistics and delivery to leisure and hospitality to the gas sectors, the family of the Mamahs have diversified and grown their businesses and wealth. Chief Emeka Mamah’s wealth is estimated to be around $40 million, or more, or less.

4. Chief Festus Oshaba


Chief Festus Oshaba is the CEO of Ferotex Construction Company, and has a lot of other businesses in Nsukka zone. Ferotex’s headquarters isn’t in the zone but Chief Oshaba has other businesses in Nsukka zone, with a branch of Ferotex and its property in Nsukka. Starting out as a simple engineer with just knowledge, Chief Oshaba has built his construction firm to be one of the best in the southeast.

Chief Oshaba has also moved into other sectors of the economy like hospitality and leisure, and so on. He is worth around $20 million, or more, or less.

5. Chief Vita Abba


Chief Vita Abba, just like Festus Oshaba, is the CEO of an Engineering firm. Chief Vita Abba is the CEO of Vee-tek Group. The group produces plastics, consults and installs electrical projects, and had been in operations in Aba for a long time before it moved to Enugu. Even though Vita Abba isn’t doing most of his businesses in Nsukka zone, he has other businesses he is doing in the zone, and runs lots of project in the zone as well as having some assets in the zone.

He also started out as a regular engineer and graduate before he started his company. His company has grown to handle big-scale projects. He is also active in the politics of his state. Vita Abba’s net worth can be estimated to be around $15 million.



This is the list of the richest men in Nsukka. We’ll update the list with time, and when we get more information. Of course, they are also other Nsukka men doing well outside the zone but we ranked this one based on people in the zone or closer to the zone with verifiable businesses and companies.

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