Prices of Food and Other House Commodities in Nigeria in December 2022


The inflation rate of Nigeria has worsened s it is currently over 20%, still the the highest in over 15 years. It is certain that as it is December, the prices of food and house commodities in Nigeria would rise. This is bec it is the festive season.

It has become a source of worry for Nigerians that the inflation keeps biting, and the prices of commodities are hitting the roof.

To buy or shop for your groceries this December, you have to make plans, and set your buying list right. Yes, for Nigerian Christians, it is the time to celebrate and think about the year. It’s Christmas. Time to travel. Time to be with family. Time to jollificate.

However, you should know that prices of food and other house commodities in Nigeria isn’t exactly on the good side. Thus, you should know how best to plan to buy.

Just like we did for November, in this post, we’ll be writing about the prices of things you are likely to buy to feed and for your home.

The List Prices of Food and other Household Commodities in Nigeria in December 2022

1. Garri (A Painter): White 1200 naira, or Yellow 1400 naira

2. Quality Local Rice (Mudu): 1200. Painter (3000)

3. Less Quality Local Rice (Mudu): 1000. Painter (2500)

4. Spaghetti (1 pack): 400 to 500 (depending on the brand)

5. Noodles (1 carton): 3500 to 6500 (depending on the size)

6. Beans (Mudu): 750. (Painter) 2000

7. Palm Oil (1 liter): 1200

8. Groundnut Oil (1 liter): 1400

9. Tea Beverages (Medium sizes): 1200 to 1600 (depending on the brands)

10. Powdered Milk (Medium sizes): 1200 to 1600

12. Big Family Bread for 6: 1000 to 1500 (depending on the bread quality and company).

13. Ice Fish (1kg): 1500 to 2000 (depending on the location of the country)

14. Beef and Pork (1kg): 1500 to 2000 (depending on the location of the country)

15. Egusi (1 milk cup): 300

16. Ogbono (1 milk cup): 1000

17. Potato (1 painter): 800

18. Yam (1 medium size): 1200 to 1500

19. Crayfish (1 painter): 3000 to 4000

20. Stockfish (1 kg): 6000 to 7500

These are some of the prices we were able to come up with for this month, next month, we’ll get prices for the commodities outside these ones. We encourage you to make a budget and preparations to buy food that will sustain you through December and January if you have the funds.

This is because January is usually expensive to survive with little funds to go around due to the non-payment of salary till late January.