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10 Cheapest Cities in Africa for a Digital Nomad


Africa is the cheapest continent you can travel to as a digital nomad. Besides the single story of Africa, in the media space, being ridden with poverty, suffering, war, violence, and other vices, some parts of Africa are good locations to visit. While considering the popular location of Asia, you should also consider Africa for its beautiful landscape, affordable standard of living, and peace. There are cheapest cities in Africa for a digital nomad that you can visit–we’ll be revealing it on this post.

The most interesting characteristics of these African cities are that they are mostly cheap, and highly affordable. Thus, you don’t have to worry about the cost when visiting these cities as a digital nomad. If there are other things you should worry about, it is certainly not the cost.

In addition to low cost, you experience the wonders of these cities, the numerous tourist sites in these cities. The people. The tasty meals. The warm weather makes you have a constant summer feel. In most cities in Africa, especially those in the North, you don’t have to worry about the moistness or dampness of the atmosphere. It is mostly dry.

You should know that even tech-wise that these cities aren’t bad. The internet is relatively fast. The power supply is good. There are also delivery companies, e-hailing sites, e-commerce sites, and others that you can buy from in these cities. The good part of it is that you get to see a lot of interesting places for affordable rates.

Statista opines that there are over 30 million digital nomads in the world. As one of these digital nomads, we think it’s the right time to consider Africa is one of your next locations to visit.

10 Cheapest Cities in Africa for a Digital Nomad

We used some indicators or criteria to check which cities are the right fit for this list. These indicators are:

Traveling and Visa Cost


Internet access

Cost of living–accommodation, feeding, logistics, possible tax, and others.

Frequent and sufficient power supply

There are also other indicators we used in determining and listing the cities. Quickly, let’s go on to the list of these cities.

1. Nsukka, Nigeria

This developing city in Southeast, Nigeria, is on top of our list. It is the most affordable of the cities on this list. It is also filled with educated and hospitable people, nice environment, and you get enjoy other things you need in a good location. It is also secure.

Getting to this place, you’ll only need to go to the Nigerian embassy in your country. With less than $50, you can secure the visa to the country. The traveling expenses from wherever you are to this place shouldn’t be up to $2000. In addition to that, you can survive in this place for less than $700 monthly.

The city has good road network. You can get to anywhere, at anytime, without being afraid. There are co-working spaces too. You can also get good accommodation in this city. You can get foreign and local dishes of any type you need here. The rolling hills around and in the city is a sight you’d love to see. There is constant power supply, and a good internet connection.

From here, you can go to fascinating location like lake resorts, waterfall locations, Uzo-uwani hills, and many more. To come to this place, you can take a flight direct to Enugu, and take a taxi from Enugu to the city.

This city is on for the cheapest cities in Africa for a digital nomad.

2. Kampala, Uganda

Kampala is a cheap and good location for digital nomads. The city is the greenest city in Uganda, and it offers great opportunities to nomads and a good means of living. It is the second cheapest city on the list.
Securing a visa to the country is not difficult, and it is cheap. You can go to the Ugandan embassy in your country to make inquiries on the documents needed and how to go about securing their visa. You can secure the visa with less than $50. The traveling expenses to this city from anywhere in the world isn’t up to $2000. The cost of living here is not up to $700 monthly.
The city has a good road network, good and affordable hotels, and lodges, and cheap clean meals you can get in foreign or locally owned restaurants in the city. It is sparsely populated so you can have free access and easy life.

There are co-working spaces you can try out here. On the issue of tourist locations, you can visit the famous Lake Victoria or Bwindi National Park (housing one of the largest species of apes in the world). The beer here is cheap as well.

3. Zanzibar, Tanzania

This city is an interesting coastal city in Tanzania. It is organized properly, and calm, so you enjoy a city feel with some level of decorum.

If you are a beach lover, this city has an amazing beach waiting for you. It is one of the cheapest beaches in the world as you can rent an affordable accommodation close to beach. You work while the ocean swooshes in your ears. You can easily go out to the beach to relax and take rest.

For accommodations close to the beach, you can secure one with less than $250 monthly. The accommodations away from the beach, you can get one for less than $200 monthly. For the cost of living, you can survive here with less than $800 monthly. The traveling cost to this place from anywhere in the world isn’t up to $2000.

The road network here is amazing. The internet connection and power supply is great. You can get foreign and local dishes here.

4. Kaduna, Nigeria

This city in the Northern part of Nigeria is a great and cheap city you can visit as a nomad. It has rich in art and entertainment, and there are many places to visit here. In cheapness, it is one of the best on this list here.

In visiting, moving, or living in this city, you should go to make inquiries from the Nigerian embassy in your country. You can ask about the required documents, and how to visit or move. The visa fee is less than $50. The traveling cost is less than $2000 from anywhere in the world. The cost of living here is below $800 monthly.

You can find foreign and locally owned restaurants in this city. There are fascinating locations in and around this city that you can visit. In addition, you get to enjoy meals, power supply, and internet connection at a cheap rate.

5. Hurgada, Egypt

This city is the best on this list for lovers of history and archeology. You get to see ancient and archeological locatios. You get to see Jerez, and you get to see biblical locations like the Red Sea and Mount Sinai. There are also other interesting locations like Naama Bay and Sharks Bay.

Aside from the wonderful locations it has, this place offers you the tranquility and peace you need to work. It is an affordable place. You are fully secured here too. With air-conditioning, the weather is enjoyable.

Unlike some cities mentioned here, this place has faster internet speed and a better power supply. Thus, you don’t have to be bothered about the power or internet access. You can always utilize it at any time you are available and free to work.

Travelling and staying in this place is also affordable. The visa fee is below $50. In addition, the traveling cost to this location from Europe or America is less than $2000. The cost of living in this place is below $800 monthly.

6. Enugu, Nigeria

This is the most beautiful and greenest city in Southeast, Nigeria. It is somewhat affordable, and it is secured. It is a city of hills and exciting locations, so you get to feed your eyes with amazing locations as you drive through the city.

The city is so affordable that with less than $2000 you can travel to this city. The visa cost is less than $50, and it can be secured lin any Nigerian Embassy in your country. To survive in this city, you need around $1000 monthly. It is not as affordable as the cities mentioned earlier in this post but it is still an affordable city somehow.

You can travel to this city directly from your city or come in through Abuja or Lagos, and then take a domestic flight to Enugu.

This city is a good option for this cheapest cities in Africa for a digital nomad.

7. Owerri, Nigeria

Owerri is another city on this list that is in Southeast, Nigeria. It is a developed and planned city. It is also considerable greenery.

The city is somewhat affordable. The internet connection and the power supply is not bad. It is also relatively safe so far you stay within the confines of this city. There are also exciting locations within the city you can visit. The accommodations in this city are great.

With less than $2000, you can travel to this city through Lagos or Abuja. It is when you get to Lagos or Abuja that you can take domestic flight to Owerri. The visa cost is below $50. With around $1000 monthly, you can survive in this city.

8. Marrakesh, Morroco:

Morroco, as a country, is a nice place to visit. It has a mixture of Northern African, Middle East, and European cultures. It is a place you will get to have lots of experience, and come in contact with a deep history.

The weather here is warm. The people are friendly and lovely. There is a good supply of amenities you’ll need in your Freelancing or nomad sojourning in the country. There is a constant power supply, fast internet connection, good accommodation, environment, and other features.

This is a country you will go to and love the order, beauty, and neatness of the place. You should note that Marrakesh has all these amazing features.

This city is also affordable as with below $50, you can get a visa to Morroco. The travel cost from anywhere in the world to this city is not more than $2000. The cost of living in this city is less than $1000 monthly if you manage your finances well.

9. Lagos, Nigeria

This coastal Nigerian city is a mixture of excitement, fun, and uncertainties. Here, you get to meet one of the world’s most vibrant populations and lovers. The nightlife in Lagos is bam, and you are safe in the right places.

Lagos is one of the fastest-growing cities in the world. It is a tech hub with a lot of tech companies and digital entrepreneurs living in this city. It has a slightly above fast internet speed, and there are places here where the power supply is constant. The high-brow areas in the city are safe, and you don’t have to worry about failing infrastructure.

You should do well to make inquiries before visiting Lagos. While securing a visa at the Nigerian embassy, ask about the high-brow neighborhoods, and accommodations where you can get an uninterrupted power supply and fast internet. There are also co-working spaces in Lagos.

The visa fee to this city is less than $50. The traveling cost to this city from anywhere in the world is below $2000. The cost of living in Lagos is around $1500 monthly.

There are so many places to visit in Lagos that you won’t visit them all if you go every day for a year. There are many beaches, museums, shows, theatres, parks, and so many more.

10. Tunis, Tunisia

This is a great city that you can find a mixture of African, Middle East, and European cultures and architecture. Here, you can enjoy the weather, the good supply of social amenities, and the accommodating people.

You won’t find it hard to cope here because there are lots of Western and Western-owned businesses in the city. You get to enjoy the exotic Muslim culture, food, and lifestyle. It is advised you respect the culture of these people while visiting.

You can spend below or around $50 to secure a visa to the country. The traveling cost is below $2000, and it can be way less for Europeans because the country is very close to Europe. The cost of living here is around $1500 monthly.


This post about cheapest cities in Africa for a digital nomad will guide you right. It will lead you to the right cheap locations in Africa you can visit it live in. In addition, you can work in any of these cities for a very long time without being scared about deportation or removal from the country. Their visas can easily be renewed.

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