How to Stop Loan App Harrasment in Nigeria


Nigerians often complain of the harrasment by loan apps. The harrasment happens to people even when they didn’t apply for loan from these companies. In this post, we’ll writing about how to stop loan app harrasment in Nigeria.

In this post, we’ll be laying out the fastest and best way to stop this harrasment.

How to Stop Loan App Harrasment in Nigeria

There are steps you need to follow to stop the harrasment from these loan apps and we’ll be listing these steps below. You should note that when we talk about this, we mean harrasment through messages online and offline, we do not mean physical harrasment.

Now, read these simple steps.

1. You should go to the ‘Settings’ of your phone.

2. When you have gotten to the settings, you locate ‘Apps Manager,’ and click it.

3. The next step after apps manager is to locate ‘Apps Permission,’ and click on it.

4. You go ahead to select the name of the loan app blacklisting you.

5. After selecting the contact and details of the loan app harrasing you, you click ‘Deny Access.’

Thus, you have blocked the loan app from accessing your contacts and details on your phone to harrass you or your friends and families. Of course, this doesn’t mean we encourage you not to pay. Please, if you borrow money from loan apps, you should endeavor to pay them back.

When you don’t pay back your loans, your credit score suffers, and you run at a risk of not being able to secure loans anywhere else. So, we advise you to pay back your loans to avoid harrasment.

However, when the harrasment is coming forth without your defaulting you follow these steps listed here.


This post has so far done well in tackling the issue of how to stop loan harrasment in Nigeria.

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