How to Start a Profitable Cosmetics Business with 2 million naira and above


Cosmetics business is one of the fastest growing businesses you can open. When you sell a lot of the products, you can earn pretty well from it. The issue now is the competition and high prices of cosmetics. How do you set up this business profitably? In this feature, we’ll be examining how to start a profitable cosmetics business with 2 million naira and above.

How to Start a Profitable Cosmetics Business with 2 million naira and above


There are things or steps you can take ensure that the cosmetics business you start is a profitable one. Let’s take you through these things and steps.

1. Learn the Profitable Process of the Business


The first step you have to take in this business is to learn this business from a successful person in this business who is close to you. You have to learn all the details of how the business is done, and how to run it profitably.

2. Get the Capital to Start the Business


While you are learning or even when you planning to start this business, have the capital at hand or a place to source for the capital. Cosmetics business is a very capital intensive business, and you need to open it in a big and attractive way to he able to make money for yourself. You need a large capital of 2 million naira and above, and if you can get up to 10 million naira, it’s still good.

3. Get a Busy Location on Sight or in the Market


This is the next step for you to take. You need to get a busy location on sight or in the market for you. This busy location anywhere will attract customers to you. We will advise that you should be able to pay high cost of rent to get where you want that can make business move for you.

4. Style and Design the Store to Attract Attention


After getting a store or location, and paying for it, the next step you’re to take is to style and design the store or location very well. This is to attract customers to the store on one look. Your store and location should be different, and unique. It shouldn’t be too shiny; a mature and unique design is good enough.

Inside the store, you also design it, get shelves, and get other equipments you’ll be needing in the business.

5. Source for Quality Products at Cheap Prices!


The next step is to source for quality products at cheap prices. There are several wholesalers of cosmetics. Therefore, you’ll surely see people who sell only quality products at cheap price. Ask questions, make your own investigations, and use only referrals when buying, to ensure you buy quality and original products. Stay away from fakes, as they can ruin your business for life.

6. Sell what the Customers want!


The other important fact to note is that you should sell what the customers want. You need to sell only what the customers want. This’ll ensure your products keep selling, and your customers keep coming back. You shouldn’t buy products that aren’t sought out by customers as they block your space, and mean bad business.



This is the quality guide on how to start a profitable cosmetics business with 2 million naira and above.

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