How to Start a Profitable Clothes Thrift Okrika Business with 300K, 500K, 700K, 800K, and 1 Million Naira in Nigeria


Clothes thrift business, popularly known in Nigeria as Okrika Business, is one of the fastest moving business to start in Nigeria, and it is very profitable. This is because a lot of Nigerians buy thrift clothes due to issue of funds and okrika’s lasting quality. In this post, we’ll be looking at the idea of how to start a profitable clothes thrift okrika business with 300K, 500K, 700K, 800K, and 1 million naira in Nigeria.

How to Start a Profitable Clothes Thrift Okirika Business with 300K, 500K, 700K, 800K, and 1 Million Naira in Nigeria

You should know that this business can be started with a wide range of amount and money this is why we listed several types of amount here. The bigger the amount, the more fancy your business. However, we encourage you to start small, and then when you build your customer base, you increase the money used in purchasing used clothes.

Now, let’s take a look at some of the points that would guide you as you set up this business.

1. You should first of all learn the ways of the business. You can meet someone who is a successful okrika seller. You ask him or her to learn from her. It is after learning that you get to set up your own business.

2. While learning, it is important you note good details like cheapest and best places to buy bales of okrika clothes. The best supplier of quality material, and how to sell it. Even though it is okrika you are selling, you should not go and buy bar clothes because no one will buy.

You should endeavor to buy quality material at a reasonable price. Buy good and first-grade okrika.

3. Before you go out to buy your goods, you should secure a good location first for your business. The type of location you secure is dependent on the amount you have. The higher your budget, the better the location or store you want. For someone with any amount below 500K, we won’t advise the person to get a store.

It is better the person pays for space along a busy road or in a market, and sells his it her goods daily there until he or she grows. Meanwhile, someone with a budget of over 500K naira can afford a store.

Good location is very important. Where you choose must have good traffic or number of people. These people should love fashion, and have the buying power to check out your clothes if they have good quality.

4. You should have good fashion sense before getting into this business. You gave to know what people love to wear, and the trendy wears at any moment. This will enable you not to buy what you don’t like.

5. As a seller of these goods, you don’t have to focus on doing offline marketing only. You should have active social media accounts, especially on Instagram, where you constantly post your items. You need to get a good background and phone to snap these products.

Even if you don’t have a store, you can take the clothes home or use someone’s fine store to snap your clothes. You need to be constantly posting contents on these social media pages for people to see. If you get popular, the sales you will be making online will be greater than what you are making offline.

6. We reiterate that you should start small, advertise your products and locations, and then expand. With time, you add shoes and other accessories.

7. You can make a daily profit of 5K to 20K naira with this business if you get a good location, do your marketing right, and sell good products. You will always get customers who would return back to you to buy from you.

8. This business is a great business you should consider. It moves very fast. You should sell it in Nigeria urban areas or major markets in Nigerian rural areas.


This post has successfully looked at how to start a profitable clothes thrift okrika business with 300K, 500K, 700K, 800K, and 1 million Naira in Nigeria. This business is a good business you shouldn’t ignore. You start it right, and then you get it right.


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