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How to Start a Profitable Barbing Saloon with 500K, 600K, 800K, and 1 million Naira in Nigeria

Barbing saloon business is one of the commonest business anyone can do in Nigeria. This is because there are many people who would always want to barb their hair. It is a profitable business when you do it right and well. In this post, we’ll be looking at how to start a profitable barbing aaloon with 500K, 600K, 800K, and 1 million Naira in Nigeria

In the past, starting this business used to be very cheap. However, at the moment, it is not as cheap as it was. Not minding this, you can still start this business lower than the price in some areas.

The reason why we put high price here is that to make money from barbing now and get customers, you need good capital to secure good location, decorate your shop well, and to be more professional. It is when you are in a good location, have an excellent skill, and meet the required criteria that you do well.

Now, let’s go to the real deal of the post. We’ll be sharing the tips and knowledge you should know before starting.

How to Start a Profitable Barbing Saloon with 500K, 600K, 800K, and 1 million Naira in Nigeria

1. The first step you should take in setting up this business is learning from a successful and excellent barber. No matter the amount the person requests, please pay and learn from him. While learning, spend enough time to learn properly, like 6 months to a year.

2. After learning, the next step is to secure the money to establish the shop with. You should hold from 500K naira upwards as your budget. You don’t have to spend too much, though.

3. You look for a shop in a good location. There should be good number of men, boys, and other people living there. There should be no barbing shop close. It is better to get a shop in a residential area, along a busy road.

When you get a shop, you ensure the landlord and agent aren’t overcharging. 50K to 200K is good for a barbing shop annually. If it’s a rich area, depending on how much you’ll be charging your clients, you shouldn’t pay more than 300K.

4. You should style the shop very well. Select good colors for the painting. You should use wall papers in certain places. You can also hang one or two paintings in frames. This one should not be more than 70K in cost. It can even be as low as 35K if you remove wall paper and do the painting yourself.

5. You buy equipment for the shop and fix them. You buy clippers, counter, chair, mirror, speakers, generator, a settee for customers to sit while waiting, fans, etc. You can also do the wiring as well. You can spend 300K and above for this depending on how equipped you want your shop to be.

You should know that for a stand barbershop, you should hold 500K for purchase of equipments.

As a starter, you don’t need all these fancy equipment like AC, sterilizing machine, big swivel office chairs, etc. You should just buy the basic and average equipment. It is after gaining customers and weighing the type of customers they are, you can now step up higher.

6. You should ensure to advertise your shop by telling your family and friends. You also put signboards outside. You can do a kind of promo of free hairstyle for anyone interested for a week or something.

7. When you are starting, you don’t have to go all out to be fancy offering food, drinks, and more, Nigerians are more interested in how good your haircut is. You should ensure you give remarkable haircut, and customers would always come back.

The MOST IMPORTANT factor to be a successful barber and barbing saloon is to give an excellent haircut.

8. This, of course, does not mean you won’t treat your customers right. You have to keep your shop neat. You have to talk respectfully to customers. While working, put on the fans in your shop and soft music playing in the background.

If you can, get an air freshener. With little money you can make your customers feel at home.

9. No matter how busy your shop gets, it should be first come first serve, except in severe or difficult cases. Customers can stop patronizing you if they notice you treat others better than them.

10. Finally, a successful and profitable barbing saloon can make 2K to 20K daily depending on the amount you charge and customers number.

For charging customers, you should check the economic situation of the area and charge moderately. You shouldn’t charge to high or too low. You should ensure what you are charging covers up and makes it profitable for you.

Let’s make an example, a low middle-class area can pay 700 naira per haircut. You can have an average about 15 persons per day that 700 x 15 equals to 10,500 naira daily. Great amount.


This post has revealed how to start a profitable barbing saloon with 500K, 600K, 800K, and 1 million Naira in Nigeria. You should read and learn before making a choice. You have to understand that it is important you do market survey, know the kind of environment you want to set up your shop, before setting up your shop.