Businesses to Start with 5K, 10K, and 20K, in Nigeria as a Student


Nigerian students are often given small amount of money as pocket money. Some of these students want to start the business in school to augment the pocket money given to them. In this post, we’ll be guiding you on businesses to start with 5K, 10K, and 20K, in Nigeria as a student.

You are to know that most businesses on the list are skill-based business as they are cheaper to start. Of course, 5K, 10K, and 20K, are to small to start any business, so most of the businesses here have to be skill-based businesses. They are cheaper and easier to start.

Now, let’s take a lot at some of these businesses.

Businesses to Start with 5K, 10K and 20K in Nigeria as a Student

1. Fruit Salad Business

If you are a lover of fruits and making of food, you can easily start fruit salad business as a student or not. The good thing about this business is that you can start it with very little money like 5K or 10K or 20K.

You can bring buckets, basins, pan, knife, plates, table, and all from home. You only have to buy fruits in bulk with cream and co. You have to learn it before starting, though.

2. Real Estate Agent

You can start this business with little or no money. You just have to team up with other agents, and get information about vacant houses and lands for sale. You close a land and house deal and get good amount of 10% percentage and above. This business moves well among students.

3. Freelancer

You can also start the business of offering services like writing, graphic designing, translator, and so on on freelance basis online. This one you just need knowledge of the skills and a smartphone to begin. In case you have a laptop, it is also nice.

You can start from Nigerian Online Job spaces like LinkedIn, Indeed, Writersgig, and so on. You should be online most of the time to bid for jobs.

4. Ghost Writer and Researcher

What you need for this business is just your knowledge and experience, and you are good to go. You can easily become a researcher and ghost writer with a smartphone or laptop, or both. You get people you can carry out a research and work for.

In fact, the easiest way is being close to lecturers and post graduate students who might involve you as a research assistant and you get paid good sum; some pay in foreign currencies.

5. Tourist Guide and Planner

You can work as a planner and guide for tourist visits. You can be the go-to-guy for where to visit, how to visit, and cheapest way to visit. With this, you make a good sum from the any tourist site you guys visit.

Let’s say you take about 100 students on a visit to Obudu Cattle ranch, you can make money by printing shirts for them, arranging and handling the food, lodging them, and your own fees.

You have to be reliable and popular to start this business.

6. Social Media Content Creation

This business can be cheapest to start if you study in a school environment with WiFi. You should make a research and create video contents on fields that aren’t saturated and Nigerians would love.

You can be shooting videos once a week and editing it. The quality of the content should be superb. One good video posted on your social media pages once a week consistently for two years will yield good stuff for you. You can tell your pals to be sharing it to their friends.

7. Virtual Assistant

You can also apply for these roles or set up a small firm with a few of friends to handle this. Combining this with your studies won’t be easy but it can be done. When you get work from foreign clients, you can choose to work at night while you attend lectures in the day. It pays well.

This job is best suited for those who have laptops. The jobs can be found in online job platforms.

8. Car Wash

You can also start car wash with this amount. I mean it’s a lucrative business in township areas or in campuses. There are so many cars to wash.

You don’t have to have a steady location. You just need bucket, detergent, brush, sponge, broom, and water. With these, you go to the homes and offices around you asking these car owners if you can wash their cars. You get paid a good sum for it. With time, you can secure a place as a car wash place, buy a tank, buy a vacuum cleaner, build ramp, dig well, and etc.

9. Laundry

Laundry is also another fast selling and fast moving business. For this business, you don’t need a shop, you can tell the people around you of what you do, and offer excellent service, too. You should have passion for washing and ironing before going into this business.

You can buy good second iron for 7K before starting. You need bucket, detergent, soap, starch, and water. You have to ask the customers how he wants his clothes; starched, or not.

10. Home Service Chef

This is also another great business you can start with the amount mentioned. You tell people that you cook all types of meals. So, you go to their homes to cook for them. Or you shop and cook for them in your home, put the prepared meal in containers and take it to them. Anyone they prefer so far the meals get to them.

Before doing this business, you should be really good at cooking. You have to be thoroughly neat as well.


This post has fully examined businesses to start with 5K, 10K, and 20K, in Nigeria as a student. They are businesses you can easily start. You will get good returns for them if you do them well.